has expedited District 12’s processing and tributes can now log into the site to build a District Identification Pass (DIP). The details on what happens when you register are after the jump!

The Hunger Games District 12 tributes were sent the following email earlier today, asking them to please proceed to the Capitol to receive a DIP: Twitter account also tweeted at 8:50 p.m. EST:

#District12PN: Please proceed to the Capitol to receive your DIPs. Congratulations. #WhatsMyDistrict reports what happens after District 12 residents report to The

• Allowed to create your District Identification Pass.

• Asked to input birth date, gender, location (where are you migrating to Panem from).

• Upload a photo for your DIP.

• Receive your DIP, which lists your name, birth date, gender, where you migrated from, Panem Citizen Number, a scanner code, and occupation. So far it seems that the occupations for District 12 are geologist, blaster, surveyor, coal miner, and metallurgist.

• Asked to ”join your neighbors” on District 12′s Facebook page.

Two hours later, tweeted at the District 8 recruiter:

@amybeaudine Prepare #District8PN for expedited processing immediately. #WhatsMyDistrict

Are you excited or disappointed with what awaits in The Capitol?

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