Amidst many comparisons between The Hunger Games and Twilight, the new movie’s director and producer explain the differences between the two series.

“I think that Stephenie Meyer and Suzanne Collins, who are friends, would be the first to say that this really isn’t very similar,” Director Gary Ross told The Hollywood Reporter. “They couldn’t be two more different movies and two more different series of novels.”

But Producer Nina Jacobson did agree with one similarity between the two films – that they both have “very passionate fans, people who want to share the communal experience of loving a book and seeing it brought to screen.”

Beyond fan response, the two stories are very different. As the Hollywood Reporter put it,

Here’s what the two films do have in common: Both are based on popular YA books, surrounded by fan fervor, have the potential for massive box-office success and are centered on a female character. But when it comes to setting, plot, protagonists, audience, love interests and critical reception, the two projects couldn’t be more different. Twilight is essentially a fantasy love story, while Hunger Games is an adventure epic about survival. It’s like comparing blood-sucking oranges with fight-to-the-death futuristic apples.

Where do you stand?

The Hunger Games hits theaters at midnight tonight!

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