The Hunger Games fashion website Capital Couture reveals the first look of Effie Trinket in Catching Fire! Take a look at the fashionista as well as a peak at the next reveal.

Ladies first indeed! The fashion Tumblr for Catching Fire released their first Capital portrait for Capital Couture today giving fans their first look at Effie in the upcoming movie.

The portrait description reads:

Head to heel in couture, Effie enchants in an exploding silhouette of chiffon and organza blooms. Never one to waver in her fashionable footwear, her heel-less boots are shod with a golden horse-shoe platform.

It certainly looks having her tributes win the games has sent Effie’s fashion to new heights!

If this first portrait has you on the edge of your seat, fear not another is on it’s way! In just a matter of hours another is set to be released. Capital Couture is giving fans a peek at what’s next with a look at the setting as well as a hint.

Aplause Please

The hint for the next capital portrait is: applause please!

The portraits are being released from Capital Couture’s Tumblr.

What do you think of Effie’s new look? And who do you think we will see in the next reveal?

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