Great news for Lionsgate above anyone else: analysts are now predicting that The Hunger Games‘ box office return will be around $200 million.

This is up from a $170 million prediction earlier this month.

Bloomsburg has the latest estimate:

The first of four “The Hunger Games” films, about teens fighting for their lives in a post-apocalyptic world, may generate $200 million in domestic box-office sales, according to Matthew Harrigan, an analyst with Wunderlich Securities in Denver who recommends the stock. The movie opens March 23.

“The pipe dream was that this would be tantamount to the ‘Twilight’ franchise,” Harrigan said in an interview. “People aren’t willing to go there yet, but it’s looking possible.”

Fansite The Hob notes that the analyst predictions were at $150 million back in July, so investors are clearly feeling more and more confident in the film’s potential.

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