Kendall Ryan dives into some familiar tropes in The House Mate, and the result is a fun and sweet read!

About ‘The House Mate’:

What’s sexier than a bad boy? A bad ass man who’s got his shit together.

Max Alexander is nearing thirty-five. He’s built a successful company, and he’s conquered the professional world, but he’s never been lucky in love. Focusing so much time on his business and raising his daughter, adulting has come at the expense of his personal life.

His social skills are shit, his patience is shot, and at times, his temper runs hot.

The last thing he has time for is the recently single, too gorgeous for her own good young woman he hires to take care of his little girl. She’s a distraction he doesn’t need, and besides, there’s no way she’d be interested. But you know what they say about assumptions? 

This is book 3 in the Roommates series, but each can be read as a complete standalone, as they feature new couples. 

’The House Mate’ review:

If you’re looking for a relatively light, fun read than The House Mate is a perfect fit. It has a familiar trope of a single father falling for the nanny, which can sometimes get tiring and yet Kendall Ryan still makes the story compelling.

From the synopsis of the novel I had expected Max, the single father, to have a young child and to basically have things handled before he falls into the situation with a new nanny. That’s usually the way the trope goes, however I was thrown for a loop to find out that Max had no idea he had a daughter until she was dropped at his doorstep and she’s barely a year old. This threw a new element into a storyline that I thought I’d already figured out.

Addison had quite the back story as well, she’s fresh off a breakup but not the typical kind. I don’t want to give too much away and ruin things but it’s not what I’m used to reading. However, it was still relatable as I personally know people that have gone through a similar thing. So while it was new for me to read, it was still plausible.

Even though Max certainly isn’t looking for love, it’s no surprise why he becomes so enthralled with Addison. He’s smack in the middle of a crisis and she comes and basically rescues him. Yes, he does a little bit of saving himself but it’s obvious that he needs her help more than she needs his.

To make things even cuter, Max’s daughter seems adorable. Some people don’t like pregnancies or kids in romance novels but I am not one of them. There’s nothing like a cute little face to bring two people together. And nothing makes a man sexier than caring for his own children (take notes guys).

If I had to complain about something, it would be that it feels like their relationship is on a really fast pace. Max is supposed to be afraid of commitment, but the span of the novel is only over a few weeks. I would have preferred if it was spread out a bit more but that might just be me.

Overall, I would definitely recommend any book in this series. It’s fun to read and they were all so different from one another while still making sense together.

The House Mate is available now wherever books are sold! Get your hands on a copy today at AmazonBarnes and Noble, or iBooks.

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