Sunday night’s latest episode of Revenge treated us to a special advertising spot from Target and Neiman Marcus. Now you can go behind the scenes with “The Gift of Revenge.”

We’ve seen Revenge team up with retailers in the past when the show did a commercial with Lexus marketing the luxury car brand as well as introducing 666 Park Avenue to the Sunday lineup. On Sunday, though, we saw a new mix of advertising and television, in which characters from the show created a separate storyline promoting specific retailers.

Product placement is something so engrained in television shows, but in Revenge’s collaboration with Target and Neiman Marcus, the advertisement goes to a whole new level.

Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan Ross on Revenge, calls this “the future of television and advertising” in this behind-the-scenes look at “The Gift of Revenge.”

Mann goes on to call this marriage of advertising and television “the perfect storm of product and creative, and showing people something they can buy that you yourself forget you’re somehow selling.”

During “The Gift of Revenge,” characters from the show – Jack, Amanda, Charlotte, and Declan – received mysterious packages, all containing gifts from Neiman Marcus or Target, and an anonymous invitation to an event in Montauk.

When they get there, they find out that Nolan has put together a party and live music, celebrating the year together. Nolan sure knows how to throw a party.

Check out the behind-the-scenes look at “The Gift of Revenge.”

How do you feel about this new form of advertising?

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