Here’s some bad news for those of you who were looking forward to the return of The Flintstones.

Seth MacFarlane, who had signed on to write a relaunched version of the show, has had to put it on hold as his schedule is too crowded. Reports Deadline:

MacFarlane had been the driver behind the project as for him it was a childhood dream-come-true — by his own admission, the very first cartoon character he drew at age 2 was Fred Flintstone. MacFarlane was to co-write The Flintstones reboot, a co-production between 20th TV and WBTV, with Dan Palladino (Gilmore Girls) and executive produce it with him and Kara Vallow (Family Guy). To meet the 2013 target premiere date, The Flintsones was supposed to start production last fall, something that proved impossible as MacFarlane had been hard at work on his feature directorial debut Ted, his three Fox animated shows and another series for the network, an updated version of Carl Sagan’s classic Cosmos.

With all this in mind, who knows how long it’ll be until we eventually see The Flintstones on our televisions.

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