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‘The Flash’ finale: What did Barry see in the Speed Force?

In The Flash‘s season 1 finale, “Fast Enough,” we got some hints about what may be coming through some glimpses into the past, present, and future. But what exactly did we see?

In The Flash season 1, episode 23, “Fast Enough,” Barry, in running fast enough to travel back to the night of his mother’s murder, found himself traveling through the Speed Force.

“Barry, what you’re seeing is the Speed Force,” Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne explains, as Barry runs. “Your past, your present, your future, all at once.” So, what exactly did Barry see?

Young Barry and Joe

The Flash season 1, episode 23 Speed Force Young Barry, Joe

The first vision Barry sees is of Joe bringing his younger self home after his mother’s murder. “He’s going to be staying with us for a while,” Joe tells Iris, as he keeps a hand on Barry’s shoulder. This was a defining moment in Barry’s life, as he gained a new family in the wake of the tragedy of his mother’s murder, so it’s not a surprise he’d see it.

Caitlin as Killer Frost

The Flash season 1, episode 23 Speed Force Killer Frost

Interestingly, the next vision Barry sees is of Caitlin as Killer Frost, her comic book alter ego. She is notably using ice powers in this vision as well, indicating she has become a metahuman. Is this a vision of the future? Is Caitlin, despite beginning the series on the side of the good guys, destined to become a villain?

It’s also worth noting this vision occurred in the same episode that Cisco was told he was also affected by the particle accelerator and has a noble future ahead of him.

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The Flash Museum

The Flash season 1, episode 23 Speed Force Flash Museum

Up next appears to be a vision of the Flash Museum. In the comics, within a year of Barry’s debut as the Flash, grateful citizens of Central City financed the construction of a museum dedicated to the Scarlet Speedster. The museum houses notable Flash-related artifacts and mementos to celebrate the Flashes of the past, present, and future. A staple of the Flash comics, the museum has been attacked and destroyed multiple times.

Barry in jail

The Flash season 1, episode 23 Speed Force Barry jail

We then see a shot of Barry speaking on a corded phone to someone through a window. He’s handcuffed and wearing a prison jumpsuit, indicating that he has been arrested for something. But what? Why would Barry be in Iron Heights? And how far in the future does this occur?

‘Legends of Tomorrow’

The Flash season 1, episode 23 Speed Force Legends of Tomorrow

As Wells/Thawne tells Barry to concentrate on the night of his mother’s murder so he’ll arrive when he intends, he next sees a shot from the Legends of Tomorrow trailer, featuring White Canary, Captain Cold, and the Atom fighting the lackeys and technology of the immortal Vandal Savage. We recognized this shot from a sequence Barry also appears in:

The Flash in Legends of Tomorrow

Henry and Nora Allen

The Flash season 1, episode 23 Speed Force Henry, Nora

As Barry approaches his destination, he then sees his mother and father tucking him in on the night of Nora Allen’s murder.

Nora Allen’s murder

The Flash season 1, episode 23 Nora's murder

And, finally, we flash to a young Barry watching red and yellow blurs — his future self and the Reverse Flash — circling his mother. This is the night Barry intends to land in — to save her and change the future.

As we move into season 2 and beyond, it should be worth keeping these glimpses into the future in mind. Some may not have immediate payoff, but it’s interesting to consider what may be in store.

What are your theories about what Barry saw in the ‘Flash’ season finale?

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