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‘The Flash’ season 7 release dates, trailers, episode guide, and more

The Flash season 7 won’t be here until 2021 – but here’s everything you need to know about the new season in the meantime!

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‘The Flash’ season 7 release date:

Like most shows, The Flash typically starts to air during the fall season. However, with the pandemic this year CW has pushed back many of their shows to premiere in January 2021. Once it does premiere, the show will be airing on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST!

The show shutdown early last season because of the pandemic with three written but uncompleted episodes. Because of this The Flash season 7 will begin with the plans for those episodes.

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace explained in an interview with TV Line that, “Because this is The Flash, there’s a huge twist at the end of every season, and that twist is now kind of coming in the middle of the season.”

He also teased that, “There are going to be more Graphic Novels next year,” he assured. “But they’re not going to be broken up in the way I think folks expect.”

Filming for The Flash season 7 will reportedly begin in early October.

‘The Flash’ season 7 trailer:

The Flash season 7 trailer was released back in August and shows where the show left off!

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‘The Flash’ season 7 cast:

Most of the original The Flash cast members are expected to return for the seventh season. However, Hartley Sawyer (who played Elongated man) was let go from the show after past offensive tweets resurfacsed that contained racist and homophobic content.

Grant Gustin – Barry Allan/Flash
Candice Patton – Iris West
Danielle Panabaker – Caitlin Snow
Carlos Valdes – Cisco Ramon
Tom Cavanagh – Harrison Wells
Jesse L. Martin – Joe West
Danielle Nicolet – Cecile Horton
Brandon McKnight – Chester P. Runk

What’s to come on ‘The Flash’ season 7:

Not much is known about The Flash season 7 just yet, however there have been some interesting tidbits shared about what will be happening with the characters.

In an interview with EW showrunner Eric Wallace shared some plans for Joe West, “Joe’s story line this season is inspired by the societal changes happening in today’s world.”

“Because with everything we’re all waking up to each day in 2020, I felt there was a great opportunity here,” Wallace explained. “Even within our fantastical, family-oriented show — to comment indirectly on truths folks could easily recognize. And do so in an entertaining way.”

He added that, “I’m so proud of the character and I’m so excited for Jesse to take Joe in just a little bit of a new direction. Because Joe’s a good man with a good heart. And if he sees injustice, he’s not a person who turns a blind eye to it. He’s a person who says something and does something.”

In an interview with Den of Geek, John Wesley Shipp revealed that his character, Jay Garrick, would be making a comeback in the next season. However, he wasn’t sure exactly when the appearance would be happening because of the changes made to the show during the shutdown for COVID-19.

“I know Jay Garrick is coming back to the CW show, but they were supposed to be at a further point in the story,” Shipp said. “They didn’t get to play out the end of season six because of COVID as we know, so they’ve got to tie up some things. Eric Wallace has said that he does want to talk to me about some ideas about Jay Garrick going forward.”

Although he wasn’t sure what the plan was exactly, the actor seemed confident that whatever happened with his character would be worth watching.

“We’ll see what they come up with. My experience with this group is that they’ve given you every reason to have faith that whatever they come up with is going to be interesting and you’re going to want to play it,” Shipp teased.

Despite the fact that the Elongated Man will no longer be on the show, Sue Dearbon (played by Natalie Dreyfuss) will still make appearances in The Flash season 7.

According to Wallace, “You’re going to see Sue more than once this year even without the Elongated Man — on her own, making appearances, and helping Team Flash in an unexpected way. And it’s just going to be hilarious because she was so much fun.”

Last season on The Flash, Iris became trapped in the Mirrorverse — but fans will be happy to hear that she’ll be escaping shortly into season 7.

During DC FanDome Candice Patton (who plays Iris) teased that, “It will be very interesting to see how she’s been affected by being kind of stuck in this maddening world with this supervillain.”

She added that, “Obviously, Team Flash and Barry were working to get her. It took a while. I don’t know if there’s some resentment there or what’s going on, or if there’s even some residual mental effect of being in that mirror world and seeing things backward and how that affects her.”

Where to watch ‘The Flash’:

Past seasons of The Flash are available to watch on both cwtv.com and Netflix!

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