5:30 pm EDT, June 10, 2015

‘The Flash’ season 2 to introduce a new love interest for Barry

It’s mid-June and we’re getting our first news about The Flash‘s second season. A new casting call has been released for the series’ sophomore season.

The Flash, according to TVLine, is casting the role of Wendy. She is described as a “spunky, fun and funny” Central City cop who will also be a love interest for Barry Allen.

Wendy is further described as “bright” and “scientific-minded.” If that has you thinking about Arrow‘s Felicity Smoak, you’re on the right track, as the casting call mentions her by name.

Wendy is expected to be a major recurring character and will make her debut in The Flash season 2, episode 2.

The Flash season 2 Barry Allen love interest Barry and Felicity

This is an interesting development as, in season 1, Iris uncovered Barry’s secret identity and admitted she might have romantic feelings for Barry after all. It was also revealed that in the future, Iris and Barry do end up marrying.

However, with the death of Eddie Thawne in the season 1 finale, it’s likely that Iris won’t feel up to dating anyone for a long while as she grieves for him. Furthermore, there’s some question about how the world — and future — will change with Eobard Thawne having been erased from existence. Oh, and there was that whole wormhole thing. Details.

Wendy won’t be the first love interest for Barry, as he was introduced with a romantic connection to Felicity, though the two eventually realized they were hung up on other people so didn’t pursue a relationship. Barry also spent some time dating Linda Park, though their relationship ended when it became clear to Linda that Barry had feelings for Iris.

In the comics, Barry doesn’t have a love interest named Wendy, so we can’t help but theorize that “Wendy” might be a code name for Patty Spivot, a CCPD blood analyst who worked closely with Barry before the two began dating.

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The Flash will return with new episodes on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET this fall.

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