9:42 pm EDT, May 22, 2018

‘The Flash’ EP explains Mystery Girl’s identity reveal

The Flash‘s season 4 finale revealed the identity of the Mystery Girl who has been popping up since the WestAllen wedding.

The Mystery Girl, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, first appeared as a waitress at Barry and Iris’ failed wedding in Crisis on Earth-X and has sporadically appeared since, interacting with members of Team Flash. Most recently, we saw her speed away from Joe and Cecile’s baby shower, exhibiting lightning with both Barry and Iris’ colors.

The season finale, “We Are the Flash,” saw the Mystery Girl help Barry stop a falling satellite then show up at the West house, declaring she had made a mistake. Oh, and she was wearing Iris’s speedster jacket.

She declared that she is Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future, Nora.

Most fans have long assumed her to be Barry and Iris’ daughter, Dawn. In the comics, Barry and Iris have twins, Dawn and Don, aka the Tornado Twins. Nora, however, seems to be a reference to Barry’s late mother.

“We always like to introduce characters and sort of highlight areas that come from the comics but we don’t want to be beholden exactly to them so we can change the stories as we see fit and tell it for a television show,” executive producer Todd Helbing tells ComicBook.com.

“With [Nora], it’s the time that she comes from and what she did. She makes this sort of big mistake at the end of the episode — you see the concern of what she’s done, and Barry certainly learned his lessons from time travel, so now it’s going to be interesting to put him on the different side of the problem and see how he can help her fix it,” Helbing further explains.

So, it looks like The Flash season 5 will deal with the fallout of Nora’s choice to help Barry save Central City from the falling satellite.

The Flash returns this fall on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

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