This week’s Arrowverse episodes were The Flash 3×16 “Into the Speed Force,” Legends of Tomorrow 2×14 “Moonshot” and Arrow 5×16 “Checkmate.” We recap the week in superheroes on The CW!

‘The Flash’ 3×16 ‘Into the Speed Force’

The theme of The Flash season 3 seems to be consequences for Barry’s selfishness. When he went back in time and created Flashpoint, he changed the lives of everyone around him. And with Wally trapped in the Speed Force, Barry decided his best choice for making amends was switching places with Wally in the Speed Force prison his future self created.

In the Speed Force, Barry came across the Speed Force in the forms of Eddie Thawne, Ronnie Raymond and Leonard Snart. The Speed Force was not pleased with Barry; he was given his speed back with the understanding that he’d come to terms with his mother’s death.

And then he went back in time and created Flashpoint. Not so well-adjusted after all.

The various forms the Speed Force took were to teach Barry a lesson as well as stop him from saving Wally, who was reliving his mother’s death over and over again. But the intervention of Jay Garrick allowed Barry to complete his mission. However, because nice things don’t happen to John Wesley Shipp on this show, Jay volunteered to stay behind in the prison since someone had to switch places to keep balance or something.

Though Barry and Wally returned, Wally was scarred by his time in the Speed Force so Kid Flash won’t be in action for a while. And Barry realized he never should have put the burden of saving Iris on Wally’s shoulders; it should be his burden. However, while Iris decided she still wants to marry Barry after everything, Barry decided a break was a good move after all.

And Jesse, feeling helpless, used the piece of Savitar that impaled Barry to track down the speed god and confronted him. Though he was clearly stronger than her — and claimed to have plans for her — Jesse was able to cause Savitar pain with a blow, proving Savitar has a weakness after all. But Jesse won’t be the one taking him on any time soon, as she decided to go to Earth-3 and serve as its Flash while Jay is trapped in the Speed Force.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 2×14 ‘Moonshot’

Thankfully, the debate about who would be the captain of The Waverider now that Rip is back didn’t last long; though Rip found himself in the habit of giving orders, he was forced to confront the fact that Sara is a better leader for the Legends than he is. The team was working together far more smoothly under her leadership than his. So by the end of the episode, Rip was left trying to figure out where he fits on the team.

Meanwhile, Rip took the team to the 1970s to meet up with Commander Steel, Nate’s grandfather, who was guarding the final fragment of the Spear of Destiny. Henry revealed that his fragment was in the flag that Neil Armstrong planted on the moon. He worked his way up through NASA to make sure the spear would not be hidden on Earth. Because he’s smart.

Unfortunately, Eobard Thawne figured it out and took over the identity of an Apollo 13 astronaut in order to get to the moon. We were left with Ray and Thawne on a disabled pod. Though Ray got to live out a fantasy by walking on the moon (oh, and getting the fragment), he had to work with Thawne to fix the pod in order to get back to Earth.

And Nate, after getting a bit more time with his grandfather, had to watch Henry sacrifice himself to save the team. Nate breaking down in Amaya’s arms after Henry was sucked out of the ship was heartbreaking. And Nate, in anger, revealed that he and Amaya have no future, so Amaya used Gideon to find out what is in store for her future.

‘Arrow’ 5×16 ‘Checkmate’

Prometheus’s identity didn’t stay secret from Team Arrow for very long, as Oliver tracked down Talia, who trained Prometheus. She revealed that Prometheus is Adrian Chase and says she trained him because Oliver killed her father: Ra’s al Ghul. Talia had a falling out with her father, which explains why Nyssa, the younger daughter, was his heir. But Ra’s was still her father, so she wants revenge.

When Oliver returned to Star City, Chase realized immediately that Oliver figured out his identity and took the opportunity to let loose. It was like a switch flipped, and he went full on sadistic villain. Josh Segarra was clearly having a blast with this new version of Chase, who was ten steps of Oliver no matter what Oliver did.

Felicity, meanwhile, joined Helix. But it’s clear this is going to take her down a dark and dangerous path, as Helix demanded she do tasks for them before she can use their resources. She ended up hacking an NSA drone and feeding it false information in exchange for on Susan Williams’s location. Both Oliver and Curtis expressed their concern, but Felicity wasn’t listening.

Which means she’s going to get in way over her head before things are over.

During Susan’s rescue, though, Oliver had his own plan. When he confronted Chase, Diggle brought in Chase’s wife. She tried to convince her husband to stop. Chase was clearly upset at this, but he didn’t waver in his goals and fatally stabbed her (with blame going to the Green Arrow). Oh, and he stabbed Captain Pike to cover his false identity, and Pike is comatose.

And when Talia joined Chase in the fight against Oliver, the pair overpowered and kidnapped him. They plan to make him suffer — but not kill him. And Felicity promised to do anything Helix asks to use their resources to find Oliver.

What did you think of this week’s episodes of ‘The Flash,’ ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ and ‘Arrow’?

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