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The fantabulous fashion of ‘Birds of Prey’ and where to find it

Did Birds of Prey have you salivating over the fashion choices and beauty looks? Us too, which is why we’ve rounded up a list of where you can find all your favorite looks!

There is A LOT to love about Birds of Prey — the female friendships, the phenomenal fight scenes and the absolutely fantabulous fashion and beauty choices.

Gone are the skintight looks and barely there couture of previous superhero installments, replaced instead by wearable, practical outfits that are as fun as they are fashionable.

Birds of Prey costume designer Erin Benach described the aesthetic of the film as asking herself: “In my dreamiest of dreams, what would I want me and a gang of girlfriends to wear to kick butt?”

And reader, she didn’t just rise to that challenge, she kicked that challenge’s ass, giving us many cool and enviable looks, and making even the tamest of dressers among us (i.e., me) want to dress like Harley Quinn.

Now, I’ve never thought of myself as much of a Harley Quinn girl. I admire her boldness and her brashness and her balls-to-the-wall approach to life, but I’ve always considered myself too introverted and awkward to be as brave as she is with her life and fashion choices.

However, just because I’m more of a Huntress than a Harley doesn’t mean I don’t think it’d be fun to be Harley, even if just for a few short hours. And, thanks to some bright lip colors and select wardrobe pieces, I actually got to try that idea on for size.

A few weeks before Birds of Prey was released in theaters, Warner Bros. was nice enough to send me a beauty and fashion box filled with all sorts of Birds of Prey-themed goodies ranging from lipsticks, necklaces and T-shirts.

Which means that for a few hours on some random Tuesday, I got to see what life would be like as Harley Quinn.

And you know what? It was pretty damn fun and a lot more wearable than I thought it’d be. That layered necklace in particular has become a favorite of mine. And lucky for all of us who were enraptured by the fashion in Birds of Prey, there are plenty of stores stocking looks from the film.

So whether you’re in the market for screen-accurate cosplay items or simply want to spice up your wardrobe with Birds of Prey-inspired fashion pieces, we’ve got you covered with a list of all our favorite Birds of Prey pieces.

As seen in ‘Birds of Prey’

Birds of Prey jewelry

Given that she’s the main character of the film, it’s no small wonder that Harley Quinn gets the bulk of the screen accurate clothing. Both Hot Topic and Torrid have a wide variety of Harley Quinn clothing options that come straight from the movie.

And if you’ve been coveting any one of Harley’s fantastic necklaces and earrings from the film, you’re in luck! Costume designer Erin Benach actually opened up Bille Valentine, an experimental, character-driven jewelry line that features exclusive, character-driven pieces from Birds of Prey!

Harley’s most recognizable wardrobe pieces are available in a variety of sizes from Hot Topic and Her Universe.

Harley Quinn necklace

Harley Quinn’s unique layered necklaces and earrings are available as handmade replicas from Billie Valentine, the company started by Birds of Prey costume designer Erin Benach.

If your favorites are sold out there, you can likewise get jewelry inspired by the film at Hot Topic.

For a few comfier, dressed down pieces, look no further than Torrid, which likewise has a few screen accurate looks in plus sizes.

Black Canary in Birds of Prey

It’s not all about Harley Quinn, though! If you’re looking for screen accurate pieces to dress up as Black Canary, Hot Topic has a choker set and a cuff bracelet, while BlackMilk Clothing company can provide you with Dinah’s dazzling flare jeans.

Cassandra and Renne in Birds of Prey

If you’re looking to really dress down or be completely hilarious, Hot Topic has some choice Cassandra Cain and Renee Montoya looks available for you. Go ahead and slip on Cassandra’s bomber jacket as you attempt to slip unnoticed through a crowd or don Renee’s graphic tee to stand out in one.

Inspired by ‘Birds of Prey’

Black Canary and Harley

If cosplay isn’t quite your thing or the screen accurate pieces from the film are just a little too loud for you, but you still find yourself wanting to incorporate the film’s overall aesthetic into your life, then you’re still in luck! There are plenty of pieces out there that aren’t taken directly from the film but are inspired by their bright colors and bold styling.

Jen Bartel Birds of Prey shoes

Just as she did with the release of Captain Marvel, artist Jen Bartel has once again collaborated with a shoe company to design an absolutely gorgeous sneaker, this time inspired by Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey. The Puma sneaker has a Duochrome holographic form stripe, laser-engraved detachable wooden mallet charm, Harley tattoo accents, sublimated laces, and a custom box with matching insoles to boot. The sneaker will officially be dropping on footlocker.com and NYC Flagship stores (Herald Sq. & Times Sq.) on 2/21!

The Rooster Teeth store includes a few Birds of Prey-inspired pieces, including an exclusive Harley Quinn inspired jean jacket that is a take on her fringe jacket and denim shorts. This distressed jacket features caution tape down the sleeves, Harley Quinn pins, a painted back with stars and tattoos printed on the inside of the jacket.

While dressing as Harley Quinn may not be for you, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate her style into your wardrobe thanks to Torrid’s Birds of Prey collection. The plus size store has a yellow harlequin overall skirt inspired by Harley’s overalls look, a more subdued take on her shredded caution tape jacket and a distressed sweater with her signature red and black motif.

Finally, if you were coveting the lip colors on all the lovely ladies in the film, Smashbox has you covered. The makeup brand has three Birds of Prey-inspired colors for you to choose from in their Always On Cream to Matte finish. Bawse is the Harley Quinn-inspired color and is a true red. Stepping Out is a deep nude inspired by Black Canary. Hoops On (my personal favorite and the one I’m wearing in the photos at the beginning of this article) is a deep red inspired by Huntress.

Which ‘Birds of Prey’ looks are you hoping to add to your wardrobe?

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