8:07 pm EDT, January 24, 2019

New stills from ‘The Dragon Prince’ season 2 are like a gorgeous rainbow, no lie

The Dragon Prince season 2 stills offer an exciting look at the new season, but also, wow are they pretty.

The new stills seem to cover the range of The Dragon Prince‘s storytelling style — bright and engaging, to chillingly badass, to just plain terrifying. Coming to Netflix on Feb. 15, the second season of Wonderstorm’s sparkling fantasy looks like it is only about to level up from the events of season 1.

Two of the The Dragon Prince season 2 stills fit under the category of “Aw, that’s nice.” These images show Callum and Ezran aboard a ship (the adorable baby dragon Azymondias seems to have usurped Bait’s place in Ezran’s arms), and Rayla in conversation with the elven illusionist Lujanne.

To be totally fair, that second image does seem to carry an edge of darkness — Lujanne doesn’t exactly look happy. But that’s nothing compared to what’s coming.

Next up is an almost ridiculously cool still of another (way cooler) elf, the Sunfire Knight. There’s what looks like a whole sword made of Sunforged metal, and also apparently a waterfall of fire, because let’s crank the awesome up to eleven.

Finally, we have two more stills from The Dragon Prince season 2 that portend a darker future. First, Claudia keeps. doing. magic. Evidently, she has no idea that using Dark Magic with such frequency turns you into a creature like Lord Viren in the next image — a sucked-dry shell, only as vital as the life you drain from other living beings.

Also, you look… kind of like a popsicle.

So basically, we’ve come a very long way from Zym snuggles in a very short time. Luckily, we won’t have to wait much longer before The Dragon Prince season 2 fills in the rest of the story on Feb. 15.

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