The first couple of minutes of Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest film The Dictator have officially been released online, giving us more insight into the direction of the film. Included in the opening sequence is a fixed Olympics, changes to a language and a bearded baby – exactly what you’d expect from a Cohen feature!

The man behind Borat and Bruno may be moving away from his tried and tested mockumentary style, but it seems his controversial sense of humour is intact. The Dictator follows Admiral General Aladeen of the Republic of Wadiya as he tries to spread his anti-diplomacy views across the world. Check out the opening two minutes of the film below.

The video doesn’t really give us that much in the way of new footage, focusing around the fixed Olympics that have featured heavily in previous trailers and TV spots. However, it does reinforce the current and satirical themes of the movie – once again using footage of world leaders talking about real-life dictators.

Are you convinced by the new footage, or do you think that Cohen may have missed the mark with The Dictator?

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