As last week’s box office was understandably overshadowed by the tragic shooting rampage in a Colorado theater, the detractor this week came in the form of the opening of the XXX Olympic Games in London. Despite this, The Dark Knight Rises managed to retain 40% of its opening weekend audience. More on the weekend at the box-office after the jump!

#1. The Dark Knight Rises

Weekend: $64 million (-60%)
Theaters: 4,404
Budget: $250 million
CinemaScore: A
Rotten Tomatoes: 87%
Hypable Grade: A-

All things considered, The Dark Knight Rises really is faring quite well. While it took a massive hit against the Olympic competition on Friday, the rest of the weekend was quite strong for the Nolan flick, as it has proven there is still some legs on this feature as it has crossed the $500 million mark worldwide.

At $289 million domestically after two weekends, it will be difficult to match the $533 million mark from The Dark Knight, however it would be surprising if the film doesn’t continue to perform (at least reasonably) well over the coming weeks, both domestically and abroad.

Have you seen The Dark Knight Rises more than once? Do you plan to?

#2. Ice Age: Continental Drift

With just a 34% drop, Ice Age: Continental Drift is clearly the most viable family-friendly option against The Dark Knight Rises. The real story here, however, is how well it has performed overseas. With $511 million internationally compared with just $114 million domestically, this latest Ice Age is a success no matter how well it performs stateside.

Weekend: $13.3 million (-34.9%) | Theaters: 3,869 | Budget: $95 million | Hypable Grade: N/A

#3. The Watch

Talk about a dud. With just $13 million on a $68 million budget, The Watch can already be marked up as a failure financially and critically (just 14% on Rotten Tomatoes). R-rated comedies are always a bit of a wild card, as The Watch clearly couldn’t mirror Ted’s success.

Weekend: $13 million | Theaters: 3,168 | Budget: $68 million | Hypable Grade: N/A

#4. Step Up Revolution

The underperformance of Step Up Revolution makes this weekend’s newcomers 0/2 at the box office. The franchise is clearly suffering, which means maybe it’s time to bring C-Tates, box office hero, back. But more on him later.

Weekend: $11.8 million | Theaters: 2,567 | Budget: $33 million | Hypable Grade: N/A

#5. Ted

With just a 26% drop, Ted continues to perform magically. The $50 million budget was definitely a gamble, but it’s paid off as it nears $200 million domestically, a nice mark.

Weekend: $7.3 million (-26.6%) | Theaters: 3,129 | Budget: $50 million | Hypable Grade: N/A

#6. The Amazing Spider-Man

After suffering a major loss last weekend against newcomer The Dark Knight Rises, Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man suffered a lesser hit this weekend, although it will still need to rely on its international dollar for help, which has provided over 60% of the film’s overall gross.

Weekend: $6.8 million (-37.5%) | Theaters: 3,160 | Budget: $230 million | Hypable Grade: B-

#7. Brave

As it’s still in limited release internationally, Brave is certainly in solid shape financially. With just a 29% drop stateside, the Pixar feature continues to prove it has solid legs.

Weekend: $4.2 million (-29.7%) | Theaters: 2,551 | Budget: $185 million | Hypable Grade: N/A

#8. Magic Mike

Magic Mike is just incredible, as it’s crossed $100 million on just a $7 million budget – a 15x multiplier. This marks Channing Tatum’s third $100 million film in the past six month, and if G.I. Joe: Retaliation hadn’t been delayed, we’d probably be looking at four such films. Is there a more bankable star right now than C-Tates?

Weekend: $2.5 million (-39.9%) | Theaters: 2,075 | Budget: $7 million | Hypable Grade: B+

#9. Savages

Savages continues to struggle, which should hurt stars like Taylor Kitsch more than its proven director, Oliver Stone.

Weekend: $1.7 million (-48.4%) | Theaters: 1,414 | Budget: $45 million | Hypable Grade: N/A

#10. Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom continues to perform nicely as it rolls out around the country, as it’s now at $52 million worldwide on that slim budget of $16 million. Nicely done. Be sure to check out our interview with Wes Anderson Here!

Weekend: $1.3 million (-28.5%) | Theaters: 853 | Budget: $16 million | Hypable Grade: Here



Let’s try an experiment! Why don’t you try predicting how much next weekend’s films will make? Whether it’s The Dark Knight Rises or even Total Recall sound off in the comments and perhaps we can get a new tradition going!

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