Netflix’s The Crown is returning for a second season. Here’s a first-look teaser trailer!

We all fell in love with the glamor and glory of The Crown when the first season landed on Netflix last year.

Starting in the late 1940s and moving up through the 50s, The Crown season 1 follows a young Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) as she ascends to the throne, giving audiences an unprecedented look into the (presumed) lives of the royal family.

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The second season jumps ahead a few years, and centers more on Elizabeth’s husband Prince Philip’s (Matt Smith) rumored infidelities. Considering the way these rumors were handled by the media at the time (and how little concrete ‘truth’ was uncovered), it’ll be very interesting to see how Peter Morgan and his team have chosen to dramatize these events.

Here’s the first teaser trailer for The Crown season 2 via Entertainment Weekly:

The second season of The Crown will see Elizabeth and Philip go on adventures around the world, as well as deal with more intimate personal and political dilemmas at home. We’ll also see their family expand as their two youngest children, Andrew and Edward, are born.

Foy tells Entertainment Weekly: “I think [Queen Elizabeth] starts to realize she needs to pay more attention to her personal life now that the other part of her life is going all right … She just keeps having to go from one crisis to another to another, and at some point, it’s about five crises at the same time and you have no idea how she manages to get up in the morning.”

Along with bringing back some of season 1’s key players, including Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret, The Crown season 2 also introduces Michael C. Hall as President Kennedy and Jodi Balfour as Jackie Kennedy.

This season covers the period of 1956–64, and is the final season to star Claire Foy and Matt Smith as the royal couple.

The Crown season 2 lands on Netflix on December 8.

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