The Catch will be joining #TGIT for another season! We’ve thought of a few ways for the show to get even better in season 2.

Despite speculation that the show could be cancelled due to low ratings, The Catch has survived the TV cancellation bloodbath of 2016. The first season of the Shondaland drama has been fairly well liked by the people that are watching it, but there are definitely still some areas where it could improve.

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The Catch already has many great qualities. The cast is fantastic, the Los Angeles setting is striking, and they definitely have the romance factor down. We have the intriguing dynamic between Ben and Alice fueling the show, but there’s also the budding romances between Valerie and Agent Dao, Sophie and Danny, and what was Margot and Felicity. Despite all of this, we’ve thought of a few things that could help it gain wider acclaim, and move forward into season 3 and beyond!

Emphasize the drama

This show is a Shondaland drama, but compared to the other offerings of #TGIT, it is definitely low on dramatic moments. The show sets us up for a lot of potential crises, but rarely fully delivers. They set Margot up to be someone that you didn’t want to cross under any circumstances, but when she actually found out about Ben’s betrayal, her reaction was decidedly mellow. Also, the benefactor was supposed to be a huge game changer, but he has yet to put our main characters in much danger at all.

The Catch is always a lot of fun, but if it’s ever to live up to its full potential, it needs to start delivering on its promises, and delivering the drama that it advertises. More dramatic moments will create more intrigue and mystery, and will hopefully drive more people to tune in on a weekly basis.

the catch. benjamin hall

Much more of the magnificent Margot

Now that Ben has officially chosen a side in the cat and mouse game, we’re worried that Margot will be edged out of the series. So far, she has been a fairly prominent presence, since Ben is still working with her, but if he ends up forcing her out of town or taking down the syndicate, we may not be seeing much of her anymore.

Even as a supporting character, Margot has consistently been one of the most interesting and entertaining parts of The Catch, so featuring more of her could only be good for the show! Her one-liners and banter with the other characters is a highlight of every single episode, and the intelligence, creativity, and power that she displays when running her cons is always so cool to see.

Based on what we know so far, she definitely has the richest back story of any of the characters. There’s still so much to explore about her past, and who she is as a person. All of the characters on The Catch are complex, but Margot really brings it to another level. More focus on breaking past the surface of her character could add so many interesting layers to the show.

the catch, margot bishop

Way less focus on the case of the week

The case that AVI takes on each week is always a big part of the show, but there’s so much to explore outside of that. Many episodes feel disjointed when they’re switching between the case of the week and the main drama of the episode.

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If there was less focus put on solving the case, the show could potentially run more smoothly and the main plot points could get more attention. It would be easier for viewers to get invested in what’s happening in the characters’ lives if we weren’t constantly switching back and forth between what’s happening to them, and what’s happening to some random, one episode insert. Also, it would allow the show to move along at a much quicker pace!

the catch

What do you think would improve ‘The Catch’ in season 2?

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