The two-hour finale of The Catch season 1, finally forced all of our favorite characters into the epic showdown we’ve been waiting for.

The Catch season 1, episode 9, “The Happy Couple,” and episode 10, “The Wedding,” came together in holy matrimony to form one, two-hour season finale. They flowed pretty seamlessly together, and it definitely felt more like one, long episode than two, separate episodes, so it was great that they combined them.

The finale adequately managed to close out most of the story lines we’ve been dealing with in the inaugural season of the show, but it definitely did better with some, than with others. I was really glad the episode was two hours along, because that way, it managed to deliver at least one hour of quality television. As for the rest of it? It was honestly quite cheesy and a little disappointing.

Let’s start with what The Catch did right in the season 1 finale. Any scene with a member of the Kensington firm was pretty much gold. I’ve always been a huge fan of Margot as a character, and I loved Rhys just as much in the finale. Sonya Walger (Margot) and John Simm (Rhys) really elevate the show, in my opinion.

the catch, sybil griffiths

Since the siblings were having trouble sharing their toys, their mother was forced to intervene! When Rhys first entered the scene, we thought he was the big bad. It turns out, however, that he’s nothing more than a little boy who wants to make his mommy proud (while being slightly terrified of her). Sybil is the real enforcer of the family, even if Rhys is technically the head of the firm.

Margot gained a slight upper hand in the last episode of The Catch, but it didn’t take long for that upper hand to screw her over, though unintentionally. If Margot and Reggie are looking for someone to replace Ben, Leah could be a good option, but only if they trust Margot’s judgement in all circumstances. Leah was the one who discovered that Alice was tracking Margot, but she was also the one who came up with the plan that got Margot thrown in jail (following the most badass Mexican standoff ever, I might add).

It was sad enough to see Margot in that interrogation room, but the weight of the moment got much heavier when Ben treaded in. These two have been through so much over 15 years together, and she has been so suddenly and completely betrayed by him. She, along with most other characters in this episode, asked the important question of “who is Benjamin Jones.” Her answer? Nothing and no one. Luckily, before she can make any more poignant remarks, Sybil breaks her out of jail in a touching, mother-daughter moment…kind of?

After running a flawless con for her family, Margot took back everything that had been stolen from her, and got revenge on everyone who had a hand in taking it. This ending makes me really nervous that we won’t be seeing Margot in The Catch season 2, but if we don’t, at least she got the happily ever after that she deserves.

the catch, margot bishop

On the other side of the sibling coin, Rhys was absolutely fantastic in The Catch season finale. Is there anyone who isn’t shipping Ben and Rhys together right now? Seriously, anyone? They were so great together, I was kind of hoping Ben would actually decide to join the firm again, but then I remembered the Sybil factor.

When Rhys wasn’t busy being Ben’s precious other half, he was actively trying to save his life! I was beginning to wonder if Rhys was capable of love, but to save someone who you know is trying to send your family to jail is a pretty cool move. Who would have thought, out of the two siblings, it would be him that would be Ben and Alice’s saving grace.

Another great part of The Catch season finale, was how it brought every single character into a central location. A lot of this episode was exactly what I wish more of The Catch was: the two sides (AVI vs. cons) battling it out in the cat and mouse game that we were originally promised. I think this dynamic showcased everyone’s skills way more than any case of the week has.

I actually really liked Ben playing double agent for the good side. It allowed everything to come together in a very cohesive way. I wish we got to see more of that, but it really isn’t a concept that could work for very long, so it makes sense that it was contained to this glorious moment in The Catch history.

quantico 1x10, ben and rhys

Now, onto the not so fabulous parts of The Catch season finale. Ben is a fantastic con man, and a great double agent, but he really let it all fall apart at the wedding. During the grand finale of the con that he might get killed for, he’s going to have a high school make out session with his girlfriend in the middle of the dance floor? Sorry, I don’t buy it.

Yes, Alice definitely affects Ben’s judgement, but he’s shown us too many times that he’s better than this. He’s done so much to keep her safe from these extremely dangerous people, and he just smirks when she walks directly into harm’s way! Not to mention the fact that he’s supposed to be gay during this con.

Speaking of smirking…I usually like Alice’s smiley and carefree demeanor in the face of dire circumstances, but it really felt odd to me in The Catch season 1 finale. There were so many scenes where it made absolutely no sense for her to be smiling, and it really took me out of the moment. For example, many times during her arrest.

The cheesiest part of the episode was the inevitable Sophie/Danny kiss. First of all, was this a karaoke wedding? How did Sophie just suddenly find herself on stage, with a microphone? Side note, I am totally into the idea of going to a karaoke wedding. Sophie and Danny definitely have potential, but their relationship has been a little forced and has lacked the proper build up, so far. Also, the moment with Sean and Danny was too painful to even talk about.

the catch, alice and val

My final complaint, before getting back to that epic ending, is regarding good ole’ Agent JD. Is there seriously nothing sketchy about him? I feel like they’ve been dropping too many subtle hints about his ulterior motives for him to just ride off into the sunset with Valerie. Even though I don’t want Valerie to be hurt, because she is definitely the best friend of all time, Dao still isn’t adding up for me, and I really hope he’s further explored in The Catch season 2.

The season almost ends right where we started, with Ben and Alice planning to run away together and get married. Just like last time, the plan is foiled by Alice’s need to go home and pack her bags. The FBI is waiting for her, and this time, it’s not just Jules Dao. Actually, it’s the amazing Adina Porter, and she has a warrant to take that infernal painting back!

One of my favorite things about this episode was that the Maria Kreyn painting made a significant reappearance. It has been somewhat forgotten in recent episodes of The Catch which made it even more surprising when it turned out to (almost) be Alice’s downfall.

They say actions speak louder than words, but Ben’s words to the FBI in the final seconds of the episode spoke pretty loudly. Did he finally prove that Margot, and everyone else, are wrong about who they think he is? We’ll have to wait and see what actions follow his powerful words in The Catch season 2!

What did you think of ‘The Catch’ season 1 finale?

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