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‘The Catch’: 6 exciting changes coming in season 2

By Kendra Cleary | Edited by Donya Abramo

The Catch is switching a lot of things up in season 2 and we’re pretty excited about some of the upcoming changes.

Only a few more weeks until Shondaland’s resident game of cat and mouse, The Catch, returns. It’s been a while since we last saw Alice, Ben, and the rest of the gang, and we can’t wait to welcome them back to our screens.

Season 1 was a lot of fun, but now that The Catch has had a full season (and a ridiculously long hiatus) to figure things out, there are some big changes coming in season 2. Here are six of the changes that will hopefully only make season 2 better!

1. No more case of the week

the catch, danny

The Catch began with Alice as a private investigator and Ben as a con man. When they were working on opposite sides, the AVI case of the week and the con of the week procedural format kind of made sense.

When Ben and Alice more or less joined forces, only a few episodes into The Catch season 1, the procedural aspect of the show just felt forced, and took away from the actual storyline and character development.

The creative team behind The Catch felt the same way, and are ditching the case of the week in season 2! During the Television Critics Association press tour, executive producer Allan Heinberg said the following, regarding the case of the week:

“I made a promise this year that we would just get rid of that stuff in season 2 and only have AVI do cases that actually ended up exploring their lives, their backstories, their relationships, so there are no wasted moments on the show. Everything is an exploration of the character and their growing networks of relationships and inner relationships.”

This is great news, since we will still get to see AVI in action, but their cases will actually be important for their character development and the progression of the main story. Hopefully, this will mean that the cases will feel less forced and more connected in The Catch> season 2.

2. More romance and more comedy

the catch, ben and alice

That’s right. The Catch season 2 is going full romantic comedy on us! This is an interesting shift from the dramatic season 1, but it’s a change that we can’t wait for.

The Catch season 1 tried to play up the drama and angst of Alice and Ben’s relationship and Ben’s situation with his team, but the ridiculous nature of some of the plot lines made the whole thing kind of confusing. The best parts of the season were when it embraced its humor and played into its own absurdity.

Now that the cat and mouse game is over, Heinberg has said that they “embraced the show as comedy.” and that “the show really is a romantic comedy at its heart.”

3. New faces

the catch, gina torres

There will be at least two fabulous additions to the cast in season 2. Gina Torres is coming on to play alongside Agent Jules Dao, and keeping it in the Shondaland family, Grey’s Anatomy’s T.R. Knight will be playing Alice’s brother. Everything these two do is incredible and we’re sure their roles on The Catch will be no exception.

4. A one year time jump

the catch, ben

In the finale of The Catch season 1, Ben owned up to his crimes and was taken away to prison. That’s where he’ll be at the beginning of season 2, but luckily, with the show now embracing its comedy, we won’t have to sit through a dramatic prison sentence. The show will jump ahead one year, after Ben’s served some time, and will pick up just as he’s given an opportunity to get out.

5. Ben’s one of the good guys (maybe)

the catch, ben

The aforementioned opportunity will come in the form of an offer from Agent Dao. Ben will once again be putting his con man skills to good use and will be working for the FBI! As for how long Ben’s record will stay clean, we don’t know. It wasn’t easy for Ben to escape the clutches of the Kensington firm in season 1, so it’s always possible that he’ll be pulled back in.

6. Rhys, Rhys, and more Rhys

the catch, rhys

Even though Rhys was brought into The Catch as Margot’s notorious benefactor, and was set up as a villain, we fell in love with him immediately. His hilarity and his relationship with Ben were a highlight right from his first appearance.

With Margot’s betrayal at the end of season 1, we’re not sure how much we’ll get to see her, but from the trailer for season 2, it looks like Rhys will be stepping right in to fill her spot. We’re so excited to see more of him on the show and in Ben’s life.

The Catch season 2 premieres on Thursday, March 9 at 10/9c on ABC. Watch the season 2 trailer here!

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