The sibling rivalry reached a whole new level in The Catch season 1, episode 8, “The Package.” What level is that? The one where mom gets involved!

One of the aspects of The Catch that I initially fell in love with was the battle between AVI and Margot’s Angels. It was so fun to see them fight to have the upper hand, but unfortunately, that aspect was quickly abandoned and more focus was shifted to the procedural portion of the show.

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However, it seems like we are getting some semblance of that back now, although the faces on either side of the ring look a little different. Instead of PI vs. con artist, we now have brother vs. sister, and I think I like it even better! The prizes up for grabs are control of the North American con market, and their beloved Benji, although it looks like he may be damaged goods, now.

Margot begins her journey back to the top, in The Catch season 1, episode 8, after everything came crashing down around her in the last episode. Her first step on the road to recovery is to get more information regarding what happened/is happening between Alice and Ben.

The scenes between Margot and Alice were great, except for one thing. A Hypable reader pointed out in the comments for The Catch 1×07 review, that Margot and Alice have already met! In the pilot of the show, Margot is working as Ben’s secretary when Alice is in his office. Therefore, this whole story line is a pretty big plot hole. There’s really no excuse for plot holes like this when the show is only eight episodes in, and has so few characters, so it’s actually quite disappointing.

the catch 1x08, margot

Moving past that glaring error, because sometimes you just have to with television, Margot discovers two key pieces of information from Miss Vaughan. Number one, Ben gave Alice the check that was supposed to pay off their debts, and number two, Ben told Alice his real, full name. These pieces of information, on top of hurting Margot, let both Margot and Rhys know that Ben is a huge liability right now, and can’t be trusted.

As I mentioned before, one of the major points of tension between the siblings is Ben’s allegiance. He chose Margot many years ago, and Rhys clearly still isn’t over the loss of his bromance. On the other hand, all Ben cares about is keeping Alice safe! He couldn’t convince her to stop looking into the firm with Agent JD, so he’s forced to form a quick contingency plan.

He reluctantly tells Rhys that he’ll come back to work for the firm, and that he has some great ideas about how they should divvy up the work. Conveniently, these ideas involve Ben staying in Los Angeles with the little red head that could, Rhys going back to the far away kingdom from which he came (the united one), and Margot running the east coast operations of the firm.

Rhys is obviously ecstatic that Ben is even considering coming to work for the firm again, since he misses his bestie, but what a huge slap in the face to Margot to even suggest this! Sure, the pair of them are used to being separated for periods of time for the purposes of cons, but they are partners, and Ben is suggesting that they live and work on opposite sides of the country.

I’m glad that Margot didn’t immediately go murderous on both Ben and Alice, but I was really expecting, and hoping for, more of a fight between Margot and Ben. She now knows that he’s betrayed her in every way possible, and the most she can muster is, “I want you gone?” You can do better than that Margot! Why do these awesome women always let Ben off the hook so easily when he royally screws them over. I know he has that con artist charisma going on, but seriously, come on ladies.

the catch 1x08, alice

In the end, it kind of worked out, because Ben is on his way back to his true love, and Margot is on her way back to the career that she’s worked so hard for. Good, respectable, diabolical work. Margot won the upper hand back from Rhys, when she tricked him into losing the trust of the counterfeiter that he was trying to secure.

Margot now has the counterfeiter, and her dog, Paul McCartney, in her pocket. The counterfeiter was played by the wonderful, Nia Vardalos, and we didn’t see nearly enough of her! I’m hoping she’ll be another recurring player on the con side, because I need to see her and Sonya Walger working together! Could she possibly be another love interest for Margot?

Romance, or no romance, it does look like we’ll be seeing more of her, because apparently it’s Margot and Rhys’ mother that really wanted the counterfeiter. She just became an invaluable piece of merchandise in this charming little sibling rivalry.

Alice stuck to her guns with Ben, and I don’t just mean the gun that she purchased to keep herself safe from Rhys, so Ben was finally forced to pick a side. He chose her! I have to admit, it was pretty cute to see him standing there waiting for her. It’ll be interesting to see what Alice and JD have him do to bring down the firm. I’m sure it’ll be dangerous. Also, I definitely still don’t trust JD, so he could be fighting off attacks from all sides by the end of this.

What did you think of ‘The Catch’ 1×08?

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