The Catch, season 1, episode 2, “The Real Killer,” showed us how Alice is coping with Ben’s betrayal, and how she will get her revenge.

We got acquainted with the show and characters in the pilot episode, but The Catch season 1, episode 2 gave us our first taste of what the show will be like week to week. Alice investigated a new case while still seeking revenge on Ben, and Ben identified a new mark and began his next con. He definitely hasn’t forgotten about Alice so quickly though. He is doing everything he can to stay close to her.

I enjoyed seeing Alice and her team at Anderson Vaughan Investigations (AVI) work on another case and seeing the terrible three working on other cons, but I thought these side plots took up a little too much time in the episode. I would have liked some more focus on the cat and mouse game and also the development of the main characters, since we still don’t know that much about them.

That being said, it was cool to get a look at what skills the characters bring to the table individually in their day to day lives. The episode also did a great job of tying the case and the con back to Alice and Ben’s personalities and the things they’re going through right now after their break up, if you can call it that.

For love or money

the catch 1x02

Alice’s pride has taken a serious hit from Ben’s betrayal and she is trying a couple different ways to restore it. First of all, she is going the obvious route of trying to get revenge. Interestingly, she has enlisted the help of the newest AVI employee, Sophie, because of that handy thing lawyers call attorney client privilege.

Sophie proves her worth as more than a lawyer by figuring out that the famous painting Ben snuck into Alice’s apartment is actually the original, and again by making the biggest break through in the case yet: discovering the pattern of Ben’s identities. She single-handedly wins the episode for the AVI squad when she finds Michael Thorne!

Even though Valerie recommends that Alice takes some time off to heal, Alice is desperate to prove to herself that she is still the best at her job, even after she was taken advantage of so brutally. Jeffrey Bloom, an acquitted murderer whom Alice fully believes is guilty, walks into the office looking to have Alice find “the real killer.” She doesn’t believe him for a second, but she still goes out to investigate with her field partner in crime, Danny.

While I do think the case took up too much of the focus of the episode, it did help to highlight some things about the main characters. First of all, Danny showed us some of the tricks up his sleeve when he stole the iPad and confronted the bartender. Hopefully we can expect to see a lot more of him out in the field with Alice, as they balance each other well.

Alice showed us a couple different sides of herself throughout this case. The first, being the side that is still incredibly confused and hurt by what happened to her. When she thought she was wrong about the killer, that really got to her and made her question all the things she thought she knew. I don’t think she had that same self doubt before Ben walked away. The second side however, was an incredibly brave one when she confronted Jeffrey about the murder! She may be small but she’s definitely mighty.

Now you see me

the catch 1x02, margot and reggie

The highlight of The Catch, season 1, episode 2 for me was seeing the con artists at work together. After their bank account was drained, they had to resort to some less glamorous cons to win back the cash. It looks like Ben, Margot and Reggie aren’t just proficient at the long con, they are also very good in the more subtle art of pick-pocketing. They won’t have to stoop to that for long though, since they already have a new target in mind, a princess.

To get to the princess’ guardian, where the money really is, everyone needs to play their part perfectly. Margot and Reggie play their roles well but Ben is the real stand out. He instantly turns on the charm and gets his mark to do whatever he wants them to do. I’m now beginning to understand why all these women (Alice, Margot, the princess) are so taken with him.

Like Alice, Ben is very confused. He tells Reggie that he loves Margot, but he’s also in love with Alice. He says it so casually too! He then equally casually says that he’s just gonna tell Margot what’s up. Reggie lets him know, in no uncertain terms, that he’s being a complete idiot and that Margot will straight up kill Alice if she finds out. That shut Ben up, at least for now.

It’s so interesting to watch these three interact because we really have no idea what’s going on in their tangled web of motivations and loyalties yet. Ben and Margot are married, yet have both had to be in relationships with others for the purposes of cons. Reggie is a career third wheel, would kill for Margot, yet is protecting Ben’s secret from her. How did they all come together? I can’t wait to find out!

Can you hear me now?

the catch 1x02, jules dao

Wherever Alice goes, Agent Dao isn’t far behind. He’s still creepily hanging around, and we’re still not really sure why. We learned through Reggie and Ben that he used to, or maybe still does, work for Interpol and was the reason they had to leave Europe. He’s obviously somewhat capable of doing his job, but still seems to want a lot of help from Alice, to the point of threatening her and then bugging her house! We still have so many unanswered questions about this man and his intentions. For now, he’s just creepy.

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