10:30 am EST, January 22, 2016

Exclusive: ‘Walking Dead’s’ Lauren Cohan discusses her new movie ‘The Boy’

Actress Lauren Cohan sat down with Hypable to discuss her new movie The Boy, hitting theaters January 22, and how different the horror in the film is when compared to her experiences on The Walking Dead.

Cohan plays an American named Greta in The Boy, who takes a job as a nanny for an 8-year-old in a remote English village. When she gets to her new employer’s home she quickly realizes that it’s a life-size doll. The parents care for the doll as if it’s their son, because it helps them cope with the death of their own son 20 years prior.

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When we got a chance to speak with Cohan, the actress gave us some insight on what it was like to do very personal scenes with the doll. When we asked her about the psychological horror compared to the physical horror we’ve seen her deal with in The Walking Dead the actress said, “The biggest challenges in the film is whether she’s losing her mind or if her mind is playing tricks on her.”

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She continued, “You don’t realize why she stays and allows herself to be trapped in this strange situation, where as with The Walking Dead you can see why everyone is running.”

We also asked her how she developed such a great American accent. “I lived in the States for the first 13 years of my life in Jersey, with a full-on American accent,” she said. “I feel like I’m always ready to dive in either direction since I have a right in the middle type of accent.”

When asked about creating such tension in the film, Cohan said, “Brent Bell [The Boy’s director) and I really wanted to focus on the central twist, and where everything begins to be clear to everyone, up to that point it was fun to play with that in the edit, and a couple of those choices were made during the edit to play with the tension.”

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When asked how excited she was when she read the film’s twist originally, she said she had goosebumps. “When I read the script I thought I read it so quickly, I very rarely read on my phone but I got the script and I started to read and read the whole script on my iPhone.”

The actress said she actually wanted to do something a little more light-hearted during her break from The Walking Dead, but, “Then I thought this is just such a badass twist that I had to be the one in this one.”

Watch our interview with Cohan below:

The Boy opens Friday, January 22, 2016.

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