A new clip has been released from tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, featuring a good idea and a not-so-good idea from Dr. Cooper.

A sneak peek clip from “The Contractual Obligation Implementation” has been released online. The preview offers a hint at the origins of Leonard, Sheldon, and Howard’s plot line for the episode as, in the name of science, the boys will venture into the treacherous jungle of junior high school. Check out the sneak peek right here:

We couldn’t imagine a more auspicious beginning to Leonard’s new venture. On an unrelated note, we can’t help but wonder how many of those poor girls will be plagued with Slender Man nightmares after Sheldon’s presentation… and how many tween-girl terrors Sheldon will have to cope with?

For a few more hints at what tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory has in store, check out the episode trailer and promotional stills from “The Contractual Obligation Implementation”. And if you’re curious what Raj – left (finally!) teetering on the possibility of romantic success after the previous episode – will be up to, here’s what the official summary from CBS has to say:

Leonard, Sheldon and Wolowitz speak to junior high girls about careers in science. Meanwhile, Koothrappali plans a date with Lucy.

It looks like all four guys will need a little luck with the ladies tonight.

The Big Bang Theory airs tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS.

What are your predictions for tonight’s episode?

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