A new clip has been released from tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory featuring a busy Sheldon and a (borderline) contented Amy. Mild spoilers ahead.

A sneak peak from “The Closet Reconfiguration” has recently been released online. The preview features one of what may be at least two dinner gatherings in the episode, as well as Bernadette and Amy being first class troopers in response to their male company. Check out the sneak peak right here:

Oh, Amy. That girl has the patience of a very awkward saint. The clip also gives us a hint at what looks like a driving plot of the episode, the reorganization of Howard and Bernadette’s shared closet by a neat-freaky Sheldon. (It’s probably more interesting than it sounds.) For a few more hints at what “The Closet Reconfiguration” has in store, check out the promo and still photos from this upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory. CBS’s official summary for the episode says:

Howard struggles with whether or not he should open a letter from his father, and Leonard and Penny throw a “grown-up” cocktail party at the apartment.

Aw, our geeky gang might just be growing up. (Unless it’s one of those awkwardly unending teenage phases… you never know with these guys.)

And believe it or not, The Big Bang Theory will be back next week with the 20th episode of season 6, titled “The Tenure Turbulence.”

What do you expect in “The Closet Reconfiguration”?

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