A new preview has been released for this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, hinting at the reveal of a secret admirer and… is that life-sized Jenga? Mild spoilers ahead.

SpoilerTV has shared a new promo for “The Egg Salad Equivalency”, which will air on Jan. 3 and marks The Big Bang Theory‘s return from its winter hiatus. The preview focuses on the return of Sheldon’s attractive assistant Alex, and her continuing crush on Leonard. Check it out right here!

The Alex situation has been bubbling quietly in the background ever since the character first appeared in “The Higgs Boson Observation”. Alex’s interest in Leonard quickly became apparent, but Leonard so far had seemed completely oblivious to her ploys for his attention.

But it seems the jig is up at last… and to be honest, Leonard’s reaction is little bit giddier than we might have hoped. Still, let’s hope that his excitement has more to do with having Alex’s attention than the possibility that Leonard might actually be interested in giving her some attention of his own. (Or we might be tempted to sic Amy’s monkeys on Leonard instead of Alex.)

The promo doesn’t touch on what seems to be another major plot of the episode – Sheldon’s run-in with the university’s Employee Relations department and tête-à-tête with the department head, Southland’s Regina King. The official summary says:

Sheldon gets accused of sexual harassment at the University and winds up getting Leonard, Raj and Wolowitz in trouble.

Will the tower of Leonard and Penny’s love come tumbling down? What about Sheldon’s career? And where do you think we can get our hands on that Jenga set?

The Big Bang Theory airs at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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