Last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory put a big question mark on Leonard and Penny’s relationship. Here are four potential outcomes we foresee in The Big Bang Theory season 7, episode 13.

1) They could really get engaged


Given Leonard’s hesitation at the end of last week’s episode, one might think that an engagement does not seem like the most plausible outcome for the couple. But then again, Leonard and Penny haven’t taken many steps forward in their newest attempt at a relationship since Penny dropped the big “I love you” in “The 43 Peculiarity” last season. Should the two reconcile, could “The Occupation Recalibration” see them break out of their rut in a such a big way?

2) They could move in together


A less drastic step than an engagement, Leonard and Penny could mend their fight by deciding to cohabitate. Still, the move would have a drastic effect on the character dynamics of The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon and Leonard have been roommates since the dawn of… well, the series, and shifting Leonard across the hall would diffuse much of the hilarious tension the two enjoy.

This issue has also been broached by the show in a season 6 episode. In “The Spoiler Alert Segmentation,” Leonard tried to move in with Penny when fed-up with Sheldon’s Sheldon-ness. Penny was forced to confess that she wasn’t ready to take that step, but will that argument hold water now that she has proposed marriage?

3) They could just plain break up


No two ways about it: After last week’s episode, this outcome seems highly likely. Since their recent courtship has been relatively uneventful, a breakup would be shocking and disappointing… but, we must admit, realistic. If Penny can’t get over her anger at Leonard for rejecting her proposal, and Leonard still thinks they aren’t ready for marriage, it’s hard to see what other avenues the couple can pursue together.


4) Things stay the same


Leonard and Penny are both skilled at burying unwanted feelings. Could the two simply decide to go on as they are, and ignore the engagement elephant in the room? Though this is a possibility, it’s probably last on our list, both because of the dramatic letdown, and because we all know that burying the problem will only make it worse when it rises up again.

What do you Leonard and Penny will do about their relationship? Find out tomorrow night when The Big Bang Theory season 7, episode 13, “The Occupation Recallibration,” airs at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

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