The Amazing Race season 27 finale, “We Got a Chance, Baby,” just finished airing! Read our recap to find out which team won the grand prize!

At the start of the episode, the teams leave China and head to Long Island, New York on the same flight. Justin and Diana are a bit overconfident, since Justin used to live in New York, but the other teams believe the overconfidence could cause them to slip up.

Road Block

In “Fire Drill,” the teams have to preform a training with the FDNY in order to get their next clue. After dressing up in fire-fighting gear, they have to carry a hose to a truck where they climb up the ladder to a burning building.

Once in the building, they have to crawl through the smoke to conduct a search and bring back a dummy. After they have safely brought their dummy out of the building, they have to run back to another truck and sort helmets based on the capitals of the locations they visited throughout the season.

Justin was the first to complete the challenge, but since they didn’t have their cab wait, they have to go find a new cab. Chris and Logan finish next, but their cab left too, so Kelsey and Joey end up leaving first. Both Justin and Diana and Chris and Logan have to take buses back to the city before they can get new cabs.


The teams have to go to Belmont Park Racetrack for the next clue, which tells them to take a helicopter to the Hamptons. Kelsey and Joey are the first to get a helicopter, followed by Chris and Logan, and Justin and Diana. At the Hamptons the teams have to go to the Shinnecock East County Park and take a jet ski out to a lobster boat.

The teams have to help the lobstermen pull up seven lobster cages and put new ones down. Pulling the lobster cages out of the water ends up being physically challenging for all of the teams. After the teams finish their cages, they have to raise flags in order from the locations they went to.

Kelsey and Joey are the first to finish their cages and flags. Chris and Logan finish their cages next but have trouble with the flags, which gives Justin and Diana a chance to get ahead of them.

Adirondack Chairs

We Got A Chance, Baby!

Back on land, the teams have to ride dune buggies to their last challenge. They have to assemble six Adirondack chairs, then use the images on the back of the chairs to put them in the order they were encountered. Kelsey and Joey start first and have to re-do some of their chairs when they don’t pass inspection. After fixing them, they are given the next clue while Justin and Diana are still working on theirs.

Pit Stop

Kelsey and Joey are the first to the final pit stop and win The Amazing Race season 27. Justin and Diana come in second place, and Chris and Logan in third.

‘The Amazing Race’ season 28 will premiere February 12, 2016

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