The Amazing Race season 24, episode 3, “Welcome to the Jungle,” just finished airing! Read our recap to find out which all-star team got eliminated, and discuss the events with other fans.

Here are the highlights from The Amazing Race season 24, episode 3, “Welcome to the Jungle”:

After winning the second leg, Brendon and Rachel (the Newlyweds) get a head start to Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Only six teams will be allowed on the first flight, which is crucial with a three hour time difference. But with all the traffic, Dave and Connor are the first to arrive, quickly followed by Margie and Luke. Next to make the first flight are the Cowboys, the Globetrotters, the Country singers, then the Afghanimals.

Unfortunately, the Newlyweds arrive seventh, so they cannot get on the first flight. With them on the second flight are Youtubers Meghan and Joey, along with John and Jessica.

Roadblock: The teams must grab the Travelocity traveling gnome and propel down the Kiansom Waterfall in Malaysia to get the next clue. Dave and Connor get the first clue that leads them to Kampung Tompinahaton. The Afghanimals easily get the clue next, but the Cowboys mess up when they propel down the waterfall without grabbing the clue. Now they have to wait to try again.

Dave and Connor arrive at the river and must build a bamboo raft to head down the river, and then choose a detour: the river delivery to transport goods and deliver them, or the jungle run that has them going on a hunting safari? Once they’re down the river, they will get the next clue. The top three teams all chose river delivery: Dave and Connor, the Afghanimals, and Maggie and Luke.

Able to hold onto first place, Dave and Connor finish their raft and head down the river, followed by the the Afghanimals and the Cowboys. Margie and Luke weren’t so lucky, and their raft starts falling apart. To make matters worse, they couldn’t use sign language to communicate. The Afghanimals are the first to arrive at the delivery point. The Cowboys arrive just at the Afghanimals are leaving, while Dave and Connor seem to have missed the drop off.

The Amazing Race 24x03 (2) featured

The secnd flight arrives in Malaysia with the Newlyweds, Joey and Meghan, and John and Jessica. They quickly head to the detour with Joey and Meghan in last place but high spirits. John and Jessica quickly get the clue, then the Newlyweds and the Youtubers. Although Meghan and Joey weren’t far behind the other groups, they didn’t hold their taxi and now have to walk to find one.

John and Jessica make a sketchy raft while the Newlyweds seem to have an easier time until they hit the rapids and Rachel can’t help but cry. When Joey and Meghan arrive at the river, they’re alone and start on the raft. As John and Jessica work on the jungle run, the Newlyweds totally wreck their raft and have to put it back together.

The Newlyweds arrive at the jungle just in time for John and Jessica to head onto the next clue. Meghan and Joey head down the river, but aren’t quick enough and the Newlyweds finish hunting before they arrive.

The Country Singers and the Globetrotters are the first teams to go on the jungle run and have a hard time hitting their targets. Dave and Connor still manage to be the first team to get the next clue, which leads them to Tanjun Aru Water Village. They’re followed by the Cowboys and the Afghanimals. The first team to arrive is Dave and Connor, who win a trip for two to Budapest, Hungary from Travelocity.

The Cowboys arrive in second, the Afghanimals in third, Margie and Luke in fourth, the Globetrotters in fifth, the Country Singers in sixth, John and Jessica in seventh, and the Newlyweds arrive in eighth. Sadly, Joey and Meghan arrive in last place and are eliminated.

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Photo credit: Robert Voets/ CBS

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