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‘Teen Wolf’ Takeover: The 5 best and worst werewolves in modern TV history

What would Teen Wolf Takeover be without a quick look at the best and worst of the werewolves that have come about in recent pop culture? (And we may have included a few of our Beacon Hills brood, too.)

Since the werewolf genre is a vast and varying one, we thought it would be fun to look at five of the best and worst in modern memory. These ten werewolves represent some of our favorite shows, books, and movies and remind us of just how lucky we are to get a weekly dose of our favorite Beacon Hills wolfpack.

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Remus Lupin (‘Harry Potter’)

et.1116.harrypotterdeathlyhollowsThere are many reasons that a werewolf could make the best list, but Remus Lupin’s selflessness and concern for others is his most admirable trait. Werewolves in general do not get the best rap in the world of the supernatural. More often than not, they are portrayed as angry or unpredictable, and in such instances are hardly seen as ‘good.’ Remus manages to put those concerns to rest for the readers, even if the people of the magical world do not see him the same way. We know that Remus is the charming friend of James and Lily that wants to do anything he can to help the noble cause.

Alcide (‘True Blood’)

AlcideTrue Blood has just scratched the surface of werewolf and pack dynamics, and with Alcide taking the reigns this season, we may get a better idea of what the powers behind True Blood think about the lychanthropic faction of Bon Temps. While we have seen many other versions of shifters, including the were-panthers and Sam’s abilities, Alcide embodies everything you look for in your alpha. He is strong, smart, kind and fair, and we think the werewolves of Bon Temps area in good hands.

Derek Hale (‘Teen Wolf’)

Derek HaleIt wouldn’t be a list of werewolves without at least one from our absolute FAVORITE brood, and out of all the werewolves that Beacon Hills has to offer, Derek Hale was the stand out specimen. There is no one werewolf on Teen Wolf that demonstrates the ideal wolf man, especially since they are all dealing with one or more emotional insufficiencies, but Derek has the best grasp on the entire world of being a werewolf, and is realistic about what it means for his life. He cares about his pack and his family, and tries to do what is right for the most people. He may not get everything right, but if he stays on his current path, we can certainly see him becoming one of the best werewolves in popular culture.

Ruby (‘Once Upon a Time’)

Ruby Once Upon a TimePerhaps the newest edition to the list, Ruby from Once Upon a Time definitely belongs on the best list, purely for her intentions and good heart. In a crazy twist on the Little Red Riding Hood story, Once Upon a Time turned the lady in red into the big bad wolf, and created an amazing new hybrid character. She became both the victim and the villain, and nothing is more intriguing than when a good heart has inherent evil to overcome. In season 2, we saw Ruby at her werewolf best as she learned to control her instincts when she turned and confronted David.

OZ (‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’)

Oz BuffyWhile his first foray into werewolf-hood did not go well, ending in his almost-death at the hands of hunter Gib Cain on the third night of transformation, Oz belongs on the best list due to his desire to protect others from his furry phasing every full moon. Thanks to Buffy and the Scooby gang, Oz quickly learns that by locking himself in a cage in a cemetery crypt during his transformations, he can protect the ones he loves as well as those that might be near him. He even leaves Sunnydale when his lycanthropy goes out of control, and only returns when he believes he has better control over himself during transformations. Oz’s primary concern for the people around him is what landed him a spot on our best list.


Fenrir Greyback (‘Harry Potter’)

Fenrir GreybackAny Harry Potter fan could tell you that when considering anyone for a place on the worst werewolves list, Fenrir Greyback MUST make the cut. On top of being morally reprehensible, he is a terrible werewolf. Not only does he not always wait for the full moon to attack (i.e. Bill in Half Blood Prince), but he is easily bought off by wizards and will submit to their use. We’re pretty sure that any werewolf that isn’t out for the good of his pack is nothing but a black mark on the werewolf reputation. He disgraces the name of werewolves, and is easy to classify as bad.

Tyler Lockwood (‘The Vampire Diaries’)

Tyler Lockwood The Vampire DiariesSo, Tyler Lockwood is not exactly a “bad” werewolf, as his motivations are usually pretty noble, but when it comes to handling the changing and stuff like a pro, he definitely belongs on the worst list. When he first triggered the gene, he had zero control over his impulses, and while he would try and chain himself up to protect others, unless Caroline was around to help, he failed. Definitely not the mark of a good werewolf, especially in a town where vampires, witches, and hybrids run amok with their own abilities and are able to control them.

Michael Corvin (‘Underworld’)

Michael Corvin UnderworldMichael Corvin, better known to Underworld fans as the first lycan/vampire hybrid, is another example of a bad werewolf that isn’t really “bad.” The reason he falls onto our worst list is due to his inability to protect himself more than anything else. Throughout the first film, Michael Corvin depends on Selene for protection. He plays host to a virus that the lycan leaders want to get their claws on, and rather than being able to protect himself like any other good werewolf, he needs a vampire to save the day. While we all enjoy watching Selene kick some lycan ass on Michael’s behalf, we have to admit his shortcomings because we’re pretty sure that if some werewolf counsel was evaluating his tenure as a werewolf- it wouldn’t be good.

Peter Hale (‘Teen Wolf’)

Peter Hale Teen WolfOh Peter. My fellow Teen Wolf fans will know exactly why Peter makes the worst list. He isn’t particularly good in terms of his actions toward others, nor is he particularly good at being a werewolf. Throughout season 1, Peter Hale morphs into a crazy, blood-thirsty alpha being that runs around Beacon Hills killing at random. He also wants so badly to pull Scott into his pack that he tries to kill him numerous times. We aren’t exactly sure what the werewolf equivalent of the ‘guy code’ would have to say about that, but we’re willing to bet it wouldn’t be good. Killing or maiming one’s own kind would certainly be frowned upon.

Jacob Black (‘The Twilight Series’)

Jacob BlackLast, but certainly not least, on our worst list is Jacob Black. While we love his sassy demeanor and unrelenting attachment to Bella, when it comes to werewolf-hood, he is no expert. We see him move from newbie to alpha of his own pack in the course of the Stephenie Meyer series, and one thing struck us as odd… he didn’t want the power. We’re pretty sure it goes against something in the “Rules for being a werewolf” guide that must be hanging out somewhere in Sam’s cabin to resist the seat of power when it’s offered to you. Plus, he befriends the Cullen clan in the end and imprints on Renesmee, both of which would probably get you remedial werewolf lessons.

Who do you think are the best and worst werewolves?

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