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Where do Jordan’s loyalties lie after ‘The 100’ 6×08? Shannon Kook weighs in…

In The 100 season 6, episode 8, Jordan found himself butting heads with SpaceKru and Madi… with deadly results. Find out what Shannon Kook has to say about it all!

This week’s episode of The 100 season 6, “The Old Man and the Anomaly,” propelled several characters’ stories forward in surprising new directions.

Jordan Green (Shannon Kook) found himself caught between his parents’ family and his own feelings for Delilah, when Madi set her plan in motion to kill all Primes — including Priya, who represents Jordan’s only hope of getting Delilah back.

First, Jordan called Bellamy and the others out for only wanting to rescue Clarke, not Delilah. And towards the end of the episode he found himself literally caught in the crossfire when Madi went to stab Priya, and Jordan took a knife to the gut for her.

Will he be okay?! Will he ever be able to trust SpaceKru and Madi again? I suppose we’ve got to wait (at least) two weeks to see what happens, when The 100 returns July 9 with 6×09, “What You Take With You.”

To help tide us over, I spoke to Shannon Kook to get his thoughts on what went down in The 100 6×08, “The Old Man and the Anomaly.”

(Read the first part of our interview here.)

Selina Wilken: When Jordan finds out Clarke is alive, it seems to kindle a hope for him that Delilah might be too. But then he realizes that Bellamy and the rest of SpaceKru aren’t interested in saving Delilah. They only care about Clarke. How does that make Jordan feel?

Shannon Kook: Jordan is very disappointed. He doesn’t feel loved. He might be the son of Monty and Harper, but he’s more like the stepchild here. I think he expected to be taken more under their wing.

And they did kind of take care of him, and watched out for him, but they did that almost by pushing him aside, leaving him on the ship, and not taking his opinions seriously.

And then, the fact that Bellamy [starts calling] Delilah ‘Priya’… I’d say Bellamy is the closest relationship Jordan has, besides Delilah, and for that person to then say the wrong name is so disrespectful to the bond and the love he has shared with someone, and which has now been taken from him.

It just makes Jordan feel like he is not being listened to or cared for. And then he says ‘I can take care of myself,’ which he can. Jordan is not afraid to be on his own, he’s been on his own his whole life.

But of course there’s definitely still room for him to develop with the other characters, and to figure out the music between them.

I’ve wondered if Jordan in particular might find himself torn between the Sanctum and Space groups, because really, the loyalty he has to SpaceKru is kind of inherited. He doesn’t actually have a relationship with them; they were his parents’ people, not his.

And I relate to that as a mixed person who is an immigrant, and who wants to honor my ancestry and what my parents have done for me. The ship comes to a new galaxy, I come to a new continent; you’re trying to honor the sacrifice that your ancestors have made in their lives for you, to give you this.

But how much of your culture and their beliefs do you carry forward? You are always evolving as a society and as a species, so you want to make better what was there before.

Jordan comes with the torch of what his parents have presented, coming to this new planet. He’s the son of this cosmic Adam and Eve, and he wakes up the cause. But now, he is torn between what his peers tell him is right and what he feels is right, and what his mind tells him is right. It’s a very interesting place to be in, and I completely relate to it personally.

Remembering before the season started, we were all speculating about Madi and Jordan being best friends… and that took a turn! What was your reaction to that twist?

I thought it was brilliant. It’s so unexpected! I had actually said to [showrunner] Jason Rothenberg previously that I felt like Jordan would jump in the way to save those that he loves; when he saw Octavia being beaten up, I was arguing with the director, saying, ‘Can I please step in and get hit? I don’t think I would just be standing there.’

But then we talked about how you react to violence the first time you see it, and how Jordan just would be in a complete state of shock. Like, you know that your meat gets killed, but no one actually likes to see the animals get killed before they eat it, you know? Seeing the violence is a shock to him.

But Jason obviously heard me, because this time, Jordan actually jumps in the way to save Delilah. And my reaction to it was that it was brilliant. But I was also petrified, because I didn’t know what was gonna happen!

Can you say anything about what’s next for Jordan?

I think a good way to leave off is to say that everyone is gonna be questioning the mind, body and soul of Jordan Green in the episodes to come.

‘The 100’ season 6 continues July 9 with 6×09, ‘What You Take With You’

Thank you so much to Shannon Kook for his great insight!

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