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‘The 100’ cast, crew preview season 5 opener at WonderCon 2018

The cast of The 100 were in attendance at WonderCon 2018 where they treated fans to the first 15 minutes of season 5, and teased a bit about what’s to come for all of our favorite characters!

Check out a few of our favorite tidbits we picked up from the panel, plus our recap of the first 15 minutes of The 100 season 5 below!

1. Everyone in attendance was treated to the first 15 minutes of the season premiere!
By far, the most exciting part of The 100 panel at WonderCon 2018 was getting to experience the first 15 minutes of the season premiere.

Want to know what to expect from the season opener? Keep reading for a recap of what we saw!

The season opener takes place a mere 42 days after Praimfaya and centers solely on Clarke.

As much as we would’ve loved to have seen what some of our other favorite characters have been up to, spending this extra time with Clarke the first episode back really gives us a clear insight into everything she’s gone through since Praimfaya.

As strong as Clarke may be, it’s clear from the get-go that as much as she’s trying to do to survive, her main focus in the beginning is trying to reach out to anyone who’s still left down on the ground.

“Up until that moment, I thought I’d live in the bunker with my mom…but the hard truth is I could dig for years and never reach [it],” says Clarke after a particularly emotional scene in which we see her trying to dig her way down to Abby.

The crazy thing is, Clarke’s desperation to reach her mother isn’t even the most intense part of the first 15 minutes back. There’s a particularly emotionally-charged scene in which she finds a letter addressed to Monty and breaks down into sobs after realizing that all that she’s been able to come across in her journey to survive are the ghosts of her past.

Clarke may be a fighter, but even warriors have their limits and Clarke’s comes to a pretty extreme head after she wakes up in the middle of the desert, parched and hungry, only to find that she’s literally being eaten alive by a vulture that’s stopped to peck at an open flesh wound on her body.

It’s at this moment that we watch on as she considers ending her misery. Clarke’s got a gun to her head, but just as she’s about the pull the trigger, that same vulture comes back and leads her toward the edge of a sandy hill.

And when she looks down and realizes there’s a large expanse of lush forest waiting for her at her feet, it’s then that we’re treated a spark of fire in Clarke’s eyes that lets us know she’s not about to give up just yet!

Honestly, the worst part about the preview was that it wasn’t any longer! Either way, we’re definitely even more excited to check out the season premiere of The 100 when the show returns next month!

2. Bellamy’s got an interesting strategy for keeping the peace up in space.
So what’s the secret to keeping everyone happy? According to Bellamy actor Bob Morley, his plan of attack is to make sure everyone’s got a job and a routine.

According to Morley, Bellamy believes that keeping everyone busy will help the entirety of space crew stay sane, and more importantly, survive.

“Everyone has a role…everyone can play,” teased Morley.

3. Raven’s going to have a great fight scene sometime this season.
There are a few things actress Lindsey Morgan would love to see Raven Reyes do, but one thing that she desperately wanted was an epic fight scene.

The good news is showrunner Jason Rothenberg was more than happy to comply with this particular request!

“Lindsey asked me to give her a fight scene, and so we did,” said Rothenberg.

4. Bunker life is pretty intense!
There’s no denying that life in the Bunker looks incredibly extreme from what we’ve seen, but according to actor Sachin Sahel, we have no idea what’s in store for us down there.

“You are not prepared for what you’re going to see in the bunker— wait until you see it— it’s going to be terrifying,” promised Sahel.

In addition to Sahel’s cryptic tease, Rothenberg revealed that he sent an email out to everyone who is involved in the bunker scene to reveal additional details about what life has been like over the course of the six years that have passed since the last scene we got in season 4.

According to Sahel, that email rally changed his perspective on the life these characters had been living.

Want more insight with regards to what we learned about The 100 season 5 at WonderCon 2018? Check out our coverage from the press room, which includes video interviews with the cast and showrunner!

The 100 season 5 premieres April 24, 2018 on The CW

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