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‘The 100’ season 5 soundtrack is available – listen to 2 exclusive tracks here

Listen to two exclusive tracks from Tree Adams’ The 100 season 5 soundtrack ahead of its Friday release.

The 100 season 5, which is available to watch in its entirety on Netflix, picks up six years after Earth was ravaged by a second apocalypse.

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Separated into new groups, former friends become enemies and new arrivals become unlikely allies in the vicious war for ‘Eden,’ the last bit of habitable land on the planet that also happens to be the place Clarke Griffin calls home.

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To accompany the epic journey of The 100 season 5 comes the equally epic soundtrack from composer Tree Adams, who once again delivers some incredibly evocative, memorable pieces of music that perfectly capture this story and its characters.

While we were never too worried about whether or not we would be able to get our hands (well, mouse cursors) on The 100 season 5 soundtrack, there had been no news of a release date — until now.

Surprise: The album drops tomorrow, Friday, August 24! It is produced by WaterTower Music and will be available via all major digital retailers.

To get you ready for the full album, we’ve got a couple of tracks to share with you right here.

First up, the beautiful and haunting “Monty Offers to Fight,” which is one of three tracks named in honor of big damn hero Monty Green:

Changing pace completely, we also have the heart-pounding “The Enemy of Wonkru”:

These are just two out of the 26 tracks that the official soundtrack for The 100 season 5 contains.

Here is the full track list:

“Clarke and Madi” – Tree Adams
“Monty’s Found A New Planet” – Tree Adams
“Blodreina” – Tree Adams
“Kane and Abby” – Tree Adams
“Diyoza And The Miners” – Tree Adams
“McCreary’s Faction” – Tree Adams
“Open The Bunker” – Tree Adams
“Bellamy and Clarke Suite” – Tree Adams
“The Enemy Of Wonkru” – Tree Adams
“Diyoza Hunts Wonkru” – Tree Adams
“Blodreina’s Mask” – Tree Adams
“Spie” – Tree Adams
“Clarke In The Wasteland” – Tree Adams
“Sacrifice” – Tree Adams
“Shades Of Murphy” – Tree Adams
“Monty Offers To Fight” – Tree Adams
“Bellamy Poisons Octavia” – Tree Adams
“Shaw” – Tree Adams
“Indra Manipulations” – Tree Adams
“The Rotunda” – Tree Adams
“March To Shallow Valley” – Tree Adams
“Clarke Lets Madi Go” – Tree Adams
“Monty’s Video Logs” – Tree Adams
“Raven and Shaw” – Tree Adams
“Abby’s Addiction” – Tree Adams
“Eden Never Stood A Chance” – Tree Adams

The 100 season 5 soundtrack is the third consecutive soundtrack for the CW series. Composer Tree Adams joined the show in season 3, lending his unique sound to the rich post-apocalyptic universe.

Of the season 5 soundtrack, The 100 showrunner Jason Rothenberg says (via press release):

“Once again, Tree has surpassed himself in creating a beautiful soundtrack for our show. The music he composes builds worlds and elevates every scene, creating the perfect atmosphere and tension. The guy is a musical storyteller, who elevates and helps define what The 100 is.”

Every season, Adams has sought to weave in new sounds to match the ever-changing characters, clans and locations. In season 5, those included Wonkru and the Eligius prisoners.

The Eligius faction is represented by several tracks on the soundtrack including “Diyoza and the Miners,” “McCreary’s Faction” and “Diyoza Hunts Wonkru.” Since these characters come from the past — our own near-future — Adams has weaved more contemporary, industrial sounds into their design.

There are also several tracks focusing on the evolution and transformation of Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos), including “Blodreina” and “Blodreina’s Mask.”

Also represented are new and old fan-favorite duos like Kane and Abby, Bellamy and Clarke, Raven and Shaw and Clarke and Madi, that each get their own theme. This is the third Bellamy/Clarke theme, and the second Kane/Abby theme on a The 100 soundtrack.

You will also find character-centric themes like “Abby’s Addiction,” “Shades of Murphy” and “Shaw” on the soundtrack.

In the press release, Tree Adams says:

“Jason Rothenberg’s vision for season five was once again dark and epic in scope, presenting many exciting challenges from the compositional perspective. We have an ever-widening palette on this series and this season was no different, as we began to incorporate woodwinds, operatic vocals, and a whole slew of new industrial sound design elements. As always, we have some bold melodic themes and we cover a deep range of emotional territory — from loves lost to literal planets and worlds lost.

“The genre of science fiction often inherently allows a composer a great deal of creative latitude. This has certainly been the case for me with The 100. It has been a wonderful challenge, a joy and an honor to inhabit this world and to accompany this tale with music.”

Adams also currently composes the score for NCIS: New Orleans on CBS, and last year he unveiled the first of his six-issue graphic novel series Duskriders, which chronicles the perils and pursuits of a three-man renegade army fighting to save a dying Earth and avenge the murder of protagonist Dublyn Stinson’s father.

The comic was released digitally, along with a self-titled soundtrack, and is available at DuskridersComic.com.

The 100 season 5 soundtrack from WaterTower Music drops Friday, August 24 via all major digital retailers.

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