10:30 am EST, January 9, 2015

‘The 100’ season 2: Prepare yourselves for ‘merciless’ finale

The 100 season 2 winter finale left people shocked and saddened by the death of a main character. But don’t expect the writers to go easy on us from here on out!

The 100 returns with season 2, episode 9 on Wednesday, January 21.

We’ll see the fallout of Finn’s tragic death at the hand of Clarke, and it looks like fan-favourite Raven is in grave danger as her grief leads her to poison one of the Grounders.

New writer Aaron Ginsburg recently appeared on Ben Blacker’s brilliant Nerdist Writers’ Panel podcast to talk about this season of television, and he dropped some interesting tidbits about the rest of the increasingly dark season.

It’s worth listening to the episode in its entirety: as with most Nerdist podcast episodes, this one is full of great behind-the-scenes anecdotes and information about the industry, which should be of interest to anyone looking to learn more about it.

Of particular note for The 100 fans were Ginsburg’s notes about the upcoming season 2 finale.

Ginsburg calls the season 2 finale, “Merciless – really, really merciless,” saying, “it’s so insane, and it’s so big, and it’s completely not what you would see on The CW.”

There’s also some disconcerting news for ‘Bellarke’ fans, as in people who want Bellamy and Clarke to get together.

Ginsburg admits that the writers like to tease the fans on Twitter, and touches on showrunner Jason Rothenberg’s known reluctance about ‘going there’ with the fan-favourite pairing, “only as [to spite them], which is really weird.”

Ginsburg adds that as for whether the relationship will ever happen, “oddly, I don’t know if… it might happen, we don’t know. [We] talk about it all the time.”

Whatever we feel about this pairing (some of us are still not over Finn!), we’d hope that a writing decision would never be made as a result of fan interaction.

While it’s never a good thing when writers give in to the demands of the fans who shout the loudest, surely refusing a story development just because the fans want it is equally detrimental to the integrity of the story.

But who knows? Maybe Bellamy/Clarke/everyone will die in the season finale anyway, considering how huge it’ll allegedly be!

And for all we know, this will be the series finale – while we’re hoping for the best, The CW has still not decided whether or not to renew the sophomore drama.

Are you excited for ‘The 100’ season 2 to return?

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