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The 10 best moments in the ‘Captain Marvel’ trailer, according to science

The second Captain Marvel trailer just about punched us in the face with awesomeness. Here is the definitive list of the best moments, according to the science.

There’s a lot of science in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but not a lot of it makes its way into analysis of the MCU’s stories and previews. The newest Captain Marvel trailer seems like the perfect opportunity to change that, as biology, psychology, and astrophysics appear to play very prominent roles in the movie… or at least, they’re in there somewhere!

So using the scientific principles of logic, very real equations, data analysis, and deduction, here are the empirically selected best moments in the new Captain Marvel trailer

10. I don’t know what this helmet is but I love it

This moment shows Carol Danvers in what seems like full-on Kree space warrior mode, which is awesome. But the real scientific miracle of this shot from the Captain Marvel trailer is that Carol somehow makes her very bizarre, Roman-plumed helmet — an objectively silly detail — look really badass. The Kree may or not be the good guys in the new film, but clearly Carol can handle anything they throw at her.

9. There’s a cat!

Scientifically speaking, cats are excellent. Nick Fury is also scientifically excellent. Therefore, this moment that we never we we needed between a cat named Goose and Nick Fury, is obviously one of the best parts of the Captain Marvel trailer.

8. She knows how to fly this thing

Captain Marvel may not know exactly who she is, but she knows what she can do. Despite Nick Fury’s skepticism, flying a jet hidden in a mysterious underground cavern is easy as pie. Whether the scientific explanation is because Carol is a naturally gifted Kree from beyond our skies or just that she’s, you know, done it before remains to be seen, but either way: Empirically, this is a totally awesome moment.

7. Jude Law

The new Captain Marvel trailer is pretty short on Mar-Vell, Carol’s Kree mentor of potentially dubious motives. (To be specific, we only see him twice.) Howver, since Mar-Vell is played by Jude Law, Mar-Vell is awesome by the transitive power of Dumbledore.

Yes, this is a real scientific principle. It is rarely used, however, it is definitely science.

6. Noble Warrior heroes

The next scientifically excellent moment in the trailer comes when Carol clarifies her identity to Nick Fury. The Kree aren’t just noble warriors, Nick — they are noble warrior heroes. Carol’s demeanor registers a solid ten on the confidence scale, tipped over into perfection by that tiny little parabola of a smile she flashes.

5. Fighter pilot Carol

According to extensive research, female fighter pilots are among the top 43 most awesome things on Earth. (And space, I’m guessing.) Therefore, Carol Danvers as a fighter pilot is, by logical extension, a majorly awesome moment in the Captain Marvel trailer.

4. Carol’s Kree transformation

All of the items on this list are obviously extremely scientific, but this particular moment contains some hardcore, serious science in action. Carol’s transformation from a nifty human lady to noble Kree warrior hero living a “longer, stronger, superior” life looks… intense. As in, it looks painful, and probably permanent, but absolutely medically accurate. There’s a green transfusion and superpowers and everything! That definitely puts it on the list.

3. “Would you like to know what you really are?”

This line from Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos, a Skrull warrior, has inspired a hypothesis about Captain Marvel: I posit that her past life as Carol Danvers will not be the only secret that Captain Marvel discovers about her identity. Evidentiary material is pending, but I have a strong hunch on this one.

2. Fall and rise

All available data suggests that the sequence of Carol Danvers’ various falls throughout her life, and her subsequent rising in the face of all obstacles, is the most emotionally moving part of every Captain Marvel trailer in which it is included. All surveyed participants have either confessed to experiencing a chemical reaction involving H20 and NaCL,, or have been discovered to be Life Model Decoys. Scientifically speaking, it is incredibly awesome.

(Now please pass the tissues, I need to dry my eyes for science.)

1. ‘I’m not gonna fight your war. I’m gonna end it.’

It is a scientific fact that wars should only be fought when absolutely necessary, and being manipulated into fighting a war you don’t believe in has 100% negative response rate. Therefore, Carol Danvers’ closing argument in the Captain Marvel trailer, where she seems to reject the offensive and chose her own righteous battles, is — empirically — the best moment of the lot.

Especially since it’s followed by Carol kicking ass in space. I would like to see more of this in future experiments. You know, for science.

What do you think is the best moment of the new ‘Captain Marvel’ trailer?

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