What’s the best way to enjoy your break from work or school – second only to eating yummy Thanksgiving food? Watching hours of television, of course! Starting Wednesday into this weekend, our television sets will be inundated with Thanksgiving parades, specials, football, and marathons. This is a handy guide to help you figure out whats on what channel and when this weekend!


8:00PM: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – ABC

Last month they waited for the great pumpkin, next month they’ll wait for Santa Claus, but on Wednesday (with a repeat airing on Thursday at the same time) Charlie Brown, Lucy and the gang will gather together to give thanks and eat some turkey. One of the most iconic television specials of our time, this holiday is nothing without our favorite Peanuts cartoons.


9:00AM: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – NBC

As you wake up and begin your Thanksgiving day festivities, be sure to turn on the famous parade and watch the balloons glide through New York City. This year, floats include iconic staples such as Snoopy, as well as newcomers Hello Kitty and Papa Smurf. Carly Rae Jepsen, Flo Rida, and Jimmy Fallon and the Roots are slated to perform during the three hour show. If you miss the first airing, NBC is repeating the parade at 2PM later that day.

12:00PM: The National Dog Show – NBC

This two-hour doggie-filled spectacular immediately follows the parade and, as a casual viewer every year, it actually is kind of entertaining. It’s like, olympics for dogs, watching them jump over and under and around things.

12:30PM: NFL Football – CBS

If dogs aren’t your thing, turn it to CBS to watch the Houston Texans take on the Detroit Lions in football.

4:30PM: NFL Football – Fox

Want more football? The Washington Redskins are in Texas to play the Dallas Cowboys – a rivalry that’s sure to make for great pre-dinner viewing television.

8:00PM: The X Factor – Fox

Many shows are taking the week off from airing new episodes, but a national holiday isn’t enough to stop Fox from airing its Thursday night lineup. The X Factor is new this week with contestants facing elimination.

9:00PM: Glee – Fox

Glee will still be showing a new episode on Thursday, so make sure to tune in.


12:00PM: Shrek Forever After – FX

FX is airing this seven times. We’re not kidding.

11:00AM: Friends – TBS

Seven hours of one of the best comedies, could we be more excited? We’re sure some of their Thanksgiving episodes will sneak in there, who can forget Monica putting a raw turkey on her head. Come to think of it, they sure did some weird stuff on that show…

11:00AM: Breaking Amish – TLC

Some people absolutely love this show, some just don’t get it (see: this writer). If you ever wanted to check it out though, now’s your chance. Nine episodes will air throughout Thanksgiving day.

10:00AM: Castle – TNT

We know how much Hypable readers love Castle, given their recent incredible performance in Battleships, and apparently TNT loves the show too, there will be 12 straight hours of the show on the cable network.

6:00AM: NCIS – USA

USA might air enough NCIS in one day to sedate most viewers for the entire year. The show will literally air for a full 24 hours. Be careful, you might come out of this marathon talking about potential suspects and clues to investigations and other crime-like terms.

Feel like getting out of the house after your exhausting dinner? Many stores are opening late Thursday night ahead of the Black Friday rush. So you could go to Toys R Us at 10PM and then Kohl’s at midnight, or you could help yourself to another piece of pie and watch more television. Whichever works for you.


12:00PM: Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End – USA

Get your daily dose of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in the third installment of the PotC series. Because nothing says “happy holidays” like pirates fighting to the death in the middle of the ocean.

1:00PM: The Princess Diaries – ABC Family

The Princess Diaries has immortalized itself in pop culture through it’s resurgence in the form of gifs and quotes. While not exactly a ‘classic’ who can pass up an opportunity to see Julie Andrews play grandmother to Anne Hathaway?

3:30PM: Mary Poppins – ABC Family

Need more Julie Andrews? Continue with this ABC Family mini-marathon and get ready to start singing about spoonful of sugar.

8:00PM: Frosty the Snowman – CBS

CBS is wasting no time rolling out the holiday specials this year. Out with the turkey, in with the December-holiday joy! Frosty the Snowman’s first airing of the season will be Friday night, ensuring you have the show’s theme song stuck in your head for the next month.

Thanksgiving Marathons:

12:00PM: Say Yes to the Dress/Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids – TLC

One of the best way to recuperate from a food-coma? Watching brides-to-be shop for their wedding dress all day. You’ll be shouting your opinions on their dresses at your television before you know it.

All times are in Eastern Standard Time.

Or see a movie instead!

Rise of the Guardian, Life of Pi and Silver Linings Playbook all open Wednesday.

Which Thanksgiving TV special will you tune into?

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