This year has been a roller-coaster, but our favorite Netflix characters still have plenty to be thankful for.

Fidget spinners, Salt Bae, and 280 character tweets — a lot has happened this year. If they lived in contemporary 2017, your favorite Netflix characters would be thankful for all the pop culture happenings among the chaos. Here’s what they would give thanks for this year.

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Frankie Bergstein, ‘Grace and Frankie’

This year, Frankie would be grateful for the variety of vegan cheese options now available in most grocery stores. Though she’s been known to eat full-dairy ice cream now and again, Frankie has always been about reducing animal cruelty and standing up for animal rights. Soy, cashew, even coconut cheeses are now available. What more could Frankie ask for from her local Trader Joe’s?

Violet Baudelaire, ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’

series of unfortunate events thankful

This year Violet would be thankful for fidget spinners. They nearly tore middle schools apart earlier this year, but fidget spinners can keep Violet’s analytical mind at work when she needs to think of a solution or invent something to help her siblings out of a difficult situation. Plus, it’s nice to have something to keep her from falling into despair when she’s captured by Count Olaf once again.

Klaus Baudelaire, ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’

Klaus Baudelaire, on the other hand, would be thankful to finally get a new John Green novel after waiting so long. Turtles All The Way Down would provide just enough escapism, familiar anxiety, and glimmers of hope for Klaus. He’d be thankful for a good book to distract him from the horrors of his own situation with Count Olaf.

Count Olaf, ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’

Count Olaf loves a good disguise, so he has enjoyed all the political sketches on Saturday Night Live this year. He’d feel right at home among the caricatures of Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Jeff Sessions. Olaf, of course, would be most thankful for Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway impression and would take notes during the “Kellywise” sketch to write down new ways to lure the Baudelaires into his clutches again.

Titus Andromedon, ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’

unbreakable kimmy scmidt titus thankful

While the rest of us are struggling with Twitter’s new character limit, Titus would be living for 280 character tweets. He would be thankful for every opportunity he could get to tweet about his arch nemesis Coriolanus Burt, pop culture, and Beyoncé’s twins. #blessed

Kimmy Schmidt, ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’

Kimmy loves candies and treats, so limited edition Oreo flavors would be at the top of Kimmy’s thankful list this year. They’ve released 14 unique flavors in 2017! Kimmy would have especially loved the Firework Oreos released this summer. “It’s like an explosion in your mouth!”

Steve Harrington, ‘Stranger Things’

Obviously, in 2017 Steve Harrington would be thankful that his demogorgon fighting days are behind him (hopefully!) and he can go on living a normal life, along with his best friend Dustin. But in a 2017 timeline, Steve would also be grateful for dry shampoo. Can you imagine that day three hair with a little dry shampoo in it? Yes please!

Karen Wheeler, ‘Stranger Things’

Mrs. Wheeler would be thankful for 2017’s romance novels. I don’t know much about romance novels in the ’80s, but romance novels this year? Here at Hypable, we think they’re killing it! She’d especially love the holiday-themed romance novels debuting in November and December.

Dustin Henderson, ‘Stranger Things’

stranger things steve thankful

This year has been a good year for those who love candy and video games. In 2017, Dustin would be thankful for both. He’d especially be thankful for the 3 Musketeers Halloween special “Muskefears” bars, which came out this Halloween. The red nougat would satisfy his cravings and nostalgia. Dustin would also be thankful for the Nintendo Switch, so he can play video games at home or on the go.

Miranda Sings, ‘Haters Back Off’

We all know Miranda Sings likes a good bae and a good salty meat. This year, she’d be thankful for her newest love: Salt Bae. The meme took over social media this year, but Miranda would let it take over her life. He’d end up just like her other baes, unaware of their very serious romantic relationship.

Jessica Jones, ‘Jessica Jones’

Jessica Jones is grateful for the #metoo social media campaign that happened last month. After her relationship with Kilgrave, Jessica has been sensitive to the needs of other women and desperate for justice. Though she’d hate the reasons it came about, she’d be grateful that men are being held accountable and that women are supporting each other.

DJ Tanner-Fuller, ‘Fuller House’

fuller house dj thankful

With her busy life balancing two love interests, three kids, and a veterinarian practice, DJ is thankful for any help she can get in the kitchen. That’s why this year she’s especially thankful for Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos. They’re great new recipes to try (especially for meal prep!) and they’re great 60 second distractions from the Steve vs Matt debate.

Fernando Guerrero, ‘Fuller House’

If anyone’s embracing the fashion trends this year, it’s Fernando. Fernando would be thankful for male rompers, which he’d wear at every opportunity much to Kimmy and DJ’s chagrin. His flamboyant personality and loud voice would affectionately brag about his romphim whenever possible.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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