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Hypable’s Ten scenes to look forward to in ‘The Hunger Games’ movie

Continuing our little series of The Hunger Games lists is this: scenes to look forward to on-screen. Before you go further, grab a pen and pad and write down the ten scenes you’re most excited for and then see if we got any of the same!

. . . . Done yet?

Okay! Here are my top ten:

1) The Reaping – I can’t wait to see Katniss’ face when Prim’s name is called, how Effie reacts when she volunteers right away, Gale prying Prim off of her, and then the crowd refusing to clap. Epic, epic moment.

2) The Tributes’ Reaping – Once Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, and Effie all board their train to the Capitol, Katniss watches the reaping ceremonies of her fellow tributes. While it’ll probably be pretty quick in the film, it’ll be nice to get an actual glimpse of some of the other districts for the first time. Rue’s reaping, particularly, will be something to see.

3) Girl on Fire – Katniss’ costume reveal is one of the most important scenes to get right on-screen, for sure. The Girl on Fire effect becomes a staple of the Hunger Games storyline from then on, so it’s paramount that this moment be done just-so. Done right, this scene will be amazing.

4) Peeta and Katniss on the roof – Peeta and Katniss duck away from the Capitol hoopla to have a one-on-one away from the microphones. That’s when Peeta confesses he’s trying to save face in spite of it all, foreshadowing an alliance between them. “I’m more than just a piece in their Games.” It’s a great scene, and we also get a first-glimpse at the invisible shield material . . .  and the chink in it which becomes so important in Catching Fire.

5) The Gamekeepers – Katniss puts an arrow through the boar the Gamemakers are chowing down on and sends Plutarch Heavensbee into a bowl of bunch. “Thank you for your consideration,” she sneers. When she ends up getting a high ranking because of her little exhibition, it’s no surprise at all. That little event should prove to be great on-screen.

6) The Interviews – The pre-Games interview Katniss does with Caesar Flickerman is rather unimpressive, but what Peeta does, well that’s just magic. He confesses his affection for Katniss, throwing her for a loop and opening up the star-crossed lovers dialogue that the Capitol’s people eat up when watching the Games. “She came here with me,” Peeta says. He did Haymitch proud with that one.

7) The Cornucopia – It’s brutal, and while we only get a small glimpse of the scene, it should be awesome fodder for filmmaking. I can’t wait to see the seconds tick away as she scouts out her prize, is discouraged by Peeta from going too far in, and scores an extra knife by using her orange backpack as a shield as she runs for cover in the woods.

8) Tracker Jackers and Rue – Peeta’s with the careers below, Rue’s in a tree nearby, and a nest of deadly tracker jackers is just above her. Things aren’t looking good for Katniss in the Games, but somehow she and Rue make it work for them. She takes out Glimmer in this scene, mostly, and she sets her eyes on Peeta for his apparent deception. Great scene.

9) The Cave – This one’s going to be important for those of us over on Team Peeta. Katniss finds Peeta all but dead and hiding beneath very well-done camouflage. “Here to finish me off, sweetheart?” he says, with his very Peeta-esque way of adding levity to everything. When she tucks him away into the cave and protects him, risking her own life even after she drugs him to sleep with Haymitch’s little parachuted elixir, it’s the first time we see that Katniss’ feelings for Peeta might be more on than just a show. Oh, and there are a lot of great kisses – some genuine, in fact – in this series of scenes.

10) The Berries – Poison berries bring an end to Foxface, and they also bring an end to the Games themselves (at least, the 74th Annual Hunger Games; they set into motion a whole new Game between Katniss and the Capitol later on . . .). Death by berry is not sexy, by any means, but it’ll be fun to watch in the movie.

So, what ten scenes did you write down? Share yours in the comments below!

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