Each year we get excited about the Annual Academy Awards, so we take a look at 10 actors who you won’t believe have never won an Oscar.

Each February, the Academy gives out four acting awards to some of Hollywood’s best performances of the year. These include Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress. This leaves many actors who gave amazing performances without an Oscar of their own, and over the years some of the best actors to ever grace the silver screen continue to get looked over.

While many actors’ dreams will come true this year when they are awarded with their own golden statue, there are many incredibly talented actors who have never won an Oscar. These are some of Hollywood’s most talented stars, who we can’t believe have never won an Academy Award.

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Each year there are more and more actors that enter Hollywood and put out incredible performances, and each year many of them go unnoticed by the Academy. It’s the name of the game, but we have to imagine a lot of the actors seen above will get their night to shine at some point in the future.

Many of these talented actors are still very active in Hollywood, and we look forward to being able to enjoy some of their best work, which may not have taken place on the big screen yet. One day, hopefully all of these brilliant nominees will be acknowledged for their amazing performances, and they’ll finally be able to join that exclusive club.

Which actor does it surprise you the most to find out they haven’t won an Oscar?

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