1:45 pm EST, February 17, 2019

Negan from ‘The Walking Dead’ will be a playable fighter in ‘Tekken 7’

Tekken 7 adds Negan into their DLC character lineup, making for quite the splash of brains and other viscera.

Negan is a pretty popular antagonist in AMC’s The Walking Dead for his swagger, sailor-mouthed ways and dark humor. Now, the bat-wielding maniac is making his way over to longrunning fighting game Tekken 7 as one of the title’s upcoming DLC characters.

Negan is really out for blood here as he slams Lucille into opponents’ heads, cracking them in two as easily as he would an egg. Negan even takes out a knife to stab opponents in the back, giving fistfighters and other brawlers a run for their money.

It seems as though Jeffery Dean Morgan is reprising his performance of Negan in Tekken 7, with him spouting lines like “I hope you got your shittin’ pants on” and “Look. At. That. Taking it like a champ!” (still too soon?).

The trailer ends with Negan taking Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada out in front of the Saviours’ headlights. “You the developers?” says a threatening Negan. “The ones that pull that shit releasing characters one at a time? You’re gonna put me in the next update, right Harada?”

Fan favorite character Julia was also featured in the above release by Bandai Namco. She and Negan break tradition a bit here with them both being released within the same DLC update.

AMC’s The Walking Dead recently began airing its second half of the show’s ninth season, picking back up from the mid-season finale’s time jump and after Rick’s departure from the group.

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The season 2 DLC pass for Tekken 7 is currently available, with the Negan and Julia update going live February 28, 2019. Tekken 7 was released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC June 2017, and is still seeing a healthy stream of DLC updates to help keep the meta alive and tournaments exciting.

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