There’s a huge debate about whether or not the fan pairing of Sterek (Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale) should become canon in the Teen Wolf universe, and we’ve brought you some major reasons why they should be, but also why they shouldn’t.

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This article is written by Tariq Kyle, and is purely speculative for both sides of the debate. The opinions in this piece do not represent Hypable as a whole, and should be read with an open mind. This is meant to give an even argument for both sides of the Sterek controversy, and we ask that all commenters keep that in mind!

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Why should Sterek become canon?

It’d bring more diversity to the show.

One of the greatest things about Teen Wolf is that they have a gay character, Danny, whose sole purpose on the show isn’t to be the gay guy; he’s not your stereotypical homosexual with over-the-top clothes, a lisp, and a high voice. He’s just a normal kid on the lacrosse team that happens to be gay, and that’s fantastic!

It would be even better, however, to add a character who’s struggling with their sexuality to the point where they try new things during the show’s run to discover themselves. Heck, let’s add two! Stiles and Derek would be fantastic characters to play around with.

It could be a great story arc for both characters.

We’ve already seen Stiles hint at being bisexual during the past two seasons when he asks Danny if he thinks he’s cute, and then again this past season when Danny offered to stop Stiles from being a virgin as a joke, and Stiles took him seriously. His character is definitely open-minded enough to go down the path of sexual self-discovery, and it’s in no way a far stretch from the current character arc.

Derek, on the other hand, is a different story. His character hasn’t shown too much interest in the same gender, but that can’t stop him from falling for Stiles at some point in the show! Stiles and Derek have already formed a sort of alliance, working together to keep their friends and family safe from the Alpha pack and Peter, so a Castle-styled romantic arc isn’t out of the question.

If you don’t watch Castle, the two main love interests in the show (Kate Beckett and Richard Castle) start off not liking each other in season 1, only to fall for each other and finally getting together in season 5. It was the ship we all hoped for, and something that Sterek can easily follow suit with.

The following is huge.

Let’s face it, if it weren’t for some shipper communities (Klaine, Swan Queen, etc.), the two characters we want to ship the most usually end up not interacting with each other in the show in any other way than what the show runner intended.

Swan Queen shippers have been able to get the show runners to write small nods to them in the show, with a connection happening between Regina and Emma rather than them staying complete archenemies. Klaine shippers can be proud with how loud they’ve been, because they’ve been heard by Ryan Murphy (the show runner for Glee) multiple times, and we’re sure some scenes were thought up because of how loud the fandom has been.

And we’ve gotten small nods to Sterek when Stiles had to save Derek from the drowning in season 2, and them laying on top of another without the ability to move (which probably excited every Sterek shipper in the world), so it’s not hard to imagine Jeff Davis writing more nods to the Sterek fan base and possibly making it canon.

Those are just some reasons we think Sterek should become canon. Continue on to the next page to see why we think they shouldn’t be.

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