In a new interview released yesterday by Collider, Dylan O’Brien sat down to talk about upcoming projects The Internship, The Maze Runner, and more.

Dylan O’Brien is currently hard at work filming The Maze Runner in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But despite his busy schedule, the young actor did manage to steal some time away to do a little press for his upcoming movie The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

In the interview, O’Brien talks about his time filming The Internship in Atlanta and what that experience was like on and off set. Remarking that what he remembers most about the experience are the friendships and relationships that were formed while working.

He goes on to talk about the improv aspect of filming The Internship as well. O’Brien seemed to really enjoy this aspect of movie making and appreciated having the opportunity to experiment and try different things with multiple takes. Though the one difficulty of this style of filming was having to work with Vince Vaughn and struggling not to laugh when the actor started riffing nonsense.

During the interview O’Brien also discusses his upcoming project The Maze Runner. Until this point, Maze Runner fans had heard little about the actor’s opinions or thoughts on the film. So this has to be an exciting opportunity for them.

O’Brien remarked that getting the opportunity to just audition for Thomas was is a big deal – so he was extremely humbled to have actually gotten the role. He comments on The Maze Runner in general, calling it ‘edgy and interesting’ and believes it to be something original within the dystopian category of fiction. Citing Lord of the Flies and Lost Boys to help describe its unique tone.

It’s also worth mentioning that the actor may or may not be filming during Comic Con this year. We’re assuming that this filming would be for The Maze Runner, but there have been heavy hints that the cast will be making an appearance at the event. So we’re unsure as to how scheduling will work out – we’ll keep you posted as more details are reviled.

The interview closes with O’Brien jokingly saying that maybe he’ll buy a ferris wheel to celebrate his new role, before he dashes away most likely needed on set.

The Internship opens on June 7

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