Jeff Davis is keeping up with his promise to share a Teen Wolf season 3 spoiler with us once a week until the premiere episode next year. This time around, he talks about the different eye colors in werewolves.

Just like last week, Davis seems to be sharing just about the bare minimum with us in terms of spoilers. But we suspect that they’ll get juicer the closer we get to the start of season 3.

Today he’s teased us with some information about the different eye colors we’ve seen in our favorite werewolves. Scott’s amber eyes were in contrast to Peter’s Alpha-red eyes, which were different from Derek’s (original) blue eyes.

At the end of season 2, when Jackson turned from the kanima into a werewolf, everyone pretty much assumed his blue eyes meant that he’d had the werewolf trait in him since he was born. We didn’t know much about his parents, after all, and his whole backstory was shrouded in mystery.

Well, it turns out we may have been wrong.

In a flashback episode, presumably the one that will be centering around Derek and possibly a hunter at the same time, we’ll learn more about why different werewolves have different eye colors. But here’s the trick (it is Halloween after all): “it has nothing to do with DNA or being a born werewolf.”

Um, what?

At the end of last season, everyone had assumed that because Derek had blue eyes before he turned into an Alpha, it was because he had been born a werewolf, not bitten. And since we didn’t know anything about Jackson’s real parents, fans assumed that he had blue eyes because he had actually been born a werewolf too.

Now that those theories are out, what guesses do you have as to why Derek and Jackson have blue eyes and Scott and the others have golden eyes?

Thanks goes to MTV’s Remote Control Blog for the spoiler.

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