9:00 pm EST, November 14, 2012

‘Teen Wolf’ spoiler of the week: Episode 3×03 title, short synopses

We’re back for another Teen Wolf spoiler of the week for season 3, thanks to Jeff Davis and his never-ending kindness!

Davis gives us the title of the second episode of season 3, but we already learned that a few weeks ago, thanks to SpoilerTV. Check out that post for more information about what we can expect from that episode.

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However, he did give us a short synopsis, and says that we’ll see “Derek and Scott fighting side-by-side for their lives.” One can only guess they’ll be going up against the Alpha Pack. It’s nice to hear that they’ll be fighting on the same team, though!

In addition, we also learned that episode 3×03 will be called “Fireflies,” in which we’ll see “Scott and Derek asking for help from an unexpected person.” There are so many options for this one – Allison’s dad? The guidance counselor? Peter? Or maybe even someone we haven’t met yet.

The name of the episode is also of interest. If the last two seasons are anything to go by, the titles are often reflective of the major themes of the episode, even if it isn’t obvious at first glance. We’re stumped with this one, though, without more information. If you’ve got theories, we want to hear them!

Source: MTV Remote Control Blog

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Sterek won against Nick and Jess from New Girl in Hypable’s BattleShips tournament! But don’t get complacent. Whoever wins the round between The Vampire Diaries and Castle will be going up against Sterek when it’s their turn again. Be sure to keep an eye out and vote when the time comes!

Teen Wolf season 2 is now on Netflix! Either catch up before season 3 airs next year or rewatch alongside the hosts of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast.

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