7:15 pm EST, February 6, 2013

‘Teen Wolf’ season 3 spoiler of the week: Crystal Reed talks Allison’s return to Beacon Hills

Another week, another spoiler for Teen Wolf season 3! This one is all about Allison and her return to Beacon Hills after being gone for four months.

We knew that Allison would be taking a break from Beacon Hills over the summer. We learned that she and her father had given up hunting and moved away — temporarily — in order to get away from the aftermath of the craziness that happened in the final few episodes of season 2. Allison’s mother’s death, Gerard’s betrayal, and the realization that Jackson was the Kanima took its toll on our favorite characters, especially Allison and her dad.

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But, it turns out, not only did they get away for a few months, they were out of touch with everyone back in Beacon Hills. And for Allison, this includes Scott, the ex-boyfriend that she still loves, and Lydia, her best friend. Crystal Reed told the MTV Remote Control Blog:

Allison has been very removed from her Beacon Hills classmates for the last few months when we first see her in Season 3. She doesn’t know what her friends have been up to — you’ll have to wait to find out why!

It’s surprising to us that Allison didn’t even talk to Lydia over the entire summer. But, then again, we don’t blame her. Allison went through a lot in the last two seasons, and we’d be surprised if she didn’t want to get away for a while. Hopefully her return marks a new and improved (and slightly less murderous) Allison for season 3. Regardless, we’re excited to see what sort of journey she takes this year.

It’s also a smart move from a writing standpoint, as the audience can be caught up with what’s been going on around town at the same time Allison is. Perhaps that’s when we’ll get the explanation from Lydia about Jackson’s absence.

What do you hope Allison will be like when she returns?

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