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‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 trailer breakdown: This is the final fight

The first major Teen Wolf season 6B trailer just hit the internet and we’re here to break it down scene-by-scene. You in?

Teen Wolf is coming to a close whether we want it to or not, so let’s take this time to analyze the trailer for the final 10 episodes and see what we can figure out ahead of its premiere later this month.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the exciting Teen Wolf season 6B trailer:

The trailer opens ominously on a fire burning inside a car, with a figure in red walking up the stairs and inside a partially burned down house. There, the figure (could it be Scott?) finds a mass of dead bodies who look like they’ve been attacked and then subsequiently perished in the fire. The claws on one indicate these are werewolves or a group of supernatural creatures.

“Something is happening in Beacon Hills, to the people here,” a mysterious woman says. It sounds a little like it could be Melissa McCall, but there’s no strong indication it’s someone we know. On screen, we see Chris come upon the word “Beacon Hills” written in blood on the side of a building. An unknown man stands behind him who seems to be another hunter.

“That’s where all of this started,” he says. “And where it’s all gonna end.” That seems pretty appropriate considering this is, indeed, Teen Wolf’s final season. These last 10 episodes will end it all.

In the next shot, Lydia is having a nightmare in bed, asking, “Where is he?” Is she still reeling from Stiles going missing during the first half of the season, or is she talking about someone else? She appears in the middle of a hallway in the school, which is covered in spiderwebs. “We opened a door to another world,” she says, “and something came out with us.” It appears as though we’ll be seeing consequences of the gang breaching the portal the Ghost Riders had been using.

We see a flash of a deformed body covered in blood before she’s startled awake. “There’s always a price to pay,” she says, which doesn’t bode well for the end of this season. We know Teen Wolf likes to pull on heartstrings, and it wouldn’t be out of character for them to take out a couple favorites before those 10 episodes are up. Should we be concerned that those words are in combination with a shot of Lydia, Scott, and Malia.

On a different day, judging by the change of clothes, Malia and Scott walk into an abandoned building, which has an overturned chair and a twisted metal covering out front. Inside, we see that someone had clearly been living there. In a corner is another pile of bodies, although these look like they’ve had their eyes removed.

We see the deformed body again, only this time it is on two legs and walking. It also appears to look a little fresher, like it’s been rejuvenating itself. Could it be from devouring parts of other bodies, sort of along the lines of what the creature does in The Mummy? Another shot shows the body lying in the woods, only this time it is much more pale and covered in less blood. There’s also some material stuck to it, but is it detritus or is it from some sort of cocoon?

More shots follow, ending in what appears to be the same figure looking like it’s covered in muscle, as if it’s been continuously adding layers to itself until it resembles a human. It’s eyes glow purple and it’s even wearing clothes at this point.

“There’s something out there. Everyone’s afraid, and it’s getting worse,” Liam says. We see a shot of Parrish looking down a burning hallway at the hospital at the new Hellhound before Malia asks, “What’s everyone afraid of?” Scott only pauses for a beat before he replies, “Us.”

We see Lydia using her phone to see out past a cage, which looks to be similar to those we saw at the abandoned building, but there’s no guarantee they’re the same. Chris is in the morgue with a scalpel in hand, apparently attempting to examine a body. There’s another one in the foreground that’s duct taped closed. It looks like it moves ever so slightly, like whoever (or whatever!) is inside of it is breathing.

“You felt a fear,” Melissa says. “Terror,” Chris whispers, while Liam says, “They’re going to turn on us.” That seems to be the crux of this season — what happens when Scott’s pack, those who have protected Beacon Hills for six seasons, suddenly become public enemy number one?

“The best way to build an army,” Gerard says, “is through fear.” We all love to hate Michael Hogan’s character, so I’m totally into the idea that he may be coming back one last time so Scott can finally sending him packing for good. Hunters storm the school while kids run scared. It seems as though Chris is still working with Scott, which bodes well for the McCall pack. Argent will be able to help them combat his father and the other hunters thanks to his intimate knowledge of how they operate.

Theo is also in the center of the pack, which is certainly exciting for those who loved the way he has grown as a character, especially in the final few episodes of season 6A.

The war has begun and Gerard only has one piece of advice for Scott: “Run.” It’s unclear if this is because the senior Argent wants a good chase, or if it’s because he’s got a little bit of a soft spot for the kid who didn’t kill him all those years ago, despite having the chance. But if we’re being honest with ourselves, it’s probably the former.

Friends are being murdered and apparently no one is getting out alive. (As if this trailer wasn’t already ominous enough.) We see Scott surrounded by hunters, red lasers trained on his chest. In another scene, the pack is pinned down by insane gunfire. But luckily they’ve still got a few friends on their side.

“You didn’t think you were doing this without me, did you?” Stiles asks. If you didn’t think your heart could take anymore (rumors were swirling Dylan O’Brien wouldn’t be in this season at all), then you were probably just as shocked and thrilled as the rest of us when Derek stepped forward and asked, “Without us?”

Scott’s face is all of our faces.

Liam goes running across tables in the library. Peter bares his fangs. Ethan and Jackson walk down the hall as if they own the school (and our hearts). We even see Stiles in his FBI vest helping to support an injured Derek. Lydia screams. Kate holds up a bottle full of pale yellow liquid. Scott and Malia are in the shower together.

How did they manage to give us all exactly what we wanted, and some things we didn’t know we needed, in a trailer that’s under two minutes long?

But it’s not all fun and games. Lydia is on a slab in the morgue and the rest of the pack doesn’t look like they’re doing too well either. “The final fight,” the last title card states. “Be afraid.”

“Welcome back,” Gerard says over the radio as Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia, Peter, and Derek listen in. “You all must be feeling rather nostalgic.”

Yes, we are. And terrified, too.

‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 returns Sunday, July 30 at 8/7c on MTV

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