11:45 am EDT, November 14, 2016

‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 premiere: 5 moments you can expect to see

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day we get the final season premiere of Teen Wolf. We’ve seen episode 1, and we’re here to share some exciting moments with you.

These moments are, of course, fairly spoiler-free. We can’t give you all the details of Teen Wolf season 6, episode 1, “Memory Loss.” What we can give you, though, are some great teasers to get you even more pumped for Tuesday night.

‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 premiere spoilers

1. Lots of Stydia

We saw a great moment in the Teen Wolf season 6 trailer when Stiles told Lydia he loved her, but don’t think for a second that’s the only Stydia moment you’ll be getting in episode 1. These two characters have been through so much together, and their deep relationship and hilarious banter is front and center in “Memory Loss.”

2. Introducing Mr. Douglas

Have you been curious about Mr. Douglas since Pete Ploszek was cast? Us too. We meet him in episode 1, but we don’t necessarily learn much about him straight away. He is a teacher, though, and his lesson of the day will become relevant fairly quickly.

3. Say hello to the Ghost Riders

By the time episode 1 ends, you’ll see exactly how the Ghost Riders operate — but don’t expect to learn why just yet. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding these new villains, but we get an up close and personal look right away. And it’s terrifying.

4. Liam wants to step up

We already knew Liam would be looking to take up Scott’s mantle if his Alpha decides to leave Beacon Hills for college, but we weren’t sure how early those conversations would take place in the series. You can expect one such conversation during the premiere.

5. Heartbreak and hilarity

This is less of a moment and more of a continuous tone throughout the episode. There are some very high moments and some very low moments in “Memory Loss.” Stiles, Liam, and Scott are laugh-out-loud funny at parts, but they also each bring a gravity to the episode that reminds you how tragic this season has the potential of being. Imagine a world without Stiles Stilinski and you’ll begin to understand what’s in store for us during season 6.

Teen Wolf’ season 6 premieres Tuesday, November 15 at 9:00 p.m. ET on MTV

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