4:00 pm EDT, December 8, 2015

‘Teen Wolf’ season 5B fresco takes us to hell and back

Teen Wolf has been getting us pumped for season 5B, and thanks to another puzzle we had to solve, we have a disturbingly beautiful look into the new season.

Nothing gets you excited for a new season of Teen Wolf like a giant pile of dead bodies.

On Monday, 100 images were sent out to Teen Wolf fans across several social media platforms (and this isn’t the first time they’ve made us go on the hunt for new information). No instructions were attached, but we collectively began to realize the pieces fit together to form a larger image. As each person got in on the hunt (including us!), the final painting was revealed, and though grotesque, it was also gorgeous, in true Teen Wolf fashion.

You can see the entire image below. Or a super high quality version here.

teen wolf to hell and back small

(Credit for organizing the pieces goes to Amy and Bets.)

There is so much to look at in this image, which appears to show Beacon Hills High completely destroyed. We could spend hours discussing its intricacies and hidden meanings, but instead let’s look at the most important parts and the clues that were left for us.

Did you spot…

…your faves?

Scott is one of the few characters on the entire poster that still looks alive. He’s reaching out to someone or something, trying to get out from underneath the pile of bodies.

teen wolf fresco scott

Stiles is looking in the same direction as Scott, though he seems less hopeful. That might be because he’s worried about his father, who’s slumped in front of him. (And don’t miss Donovan with a pipe through his chest behind Stiles.) Nearby is Malia, who’s being choked by a woman — her mother? Someone else?

teen wolf fresco malia stiles

Kira’s fate is a little more solidified, as she’s staring out from the pile of bodies, her katana having been driven through a physical representation of her fox spirit.

teen wolf fresco kira

Lydia, in her Eichen House garb, is lying on a slab of concrete, looking somewhat comatose if not completely dead.

teen wolf fresco lydia

Liam is also present, the slashes across his chest indicating he’s been attacked.

teen wolf fresco liam

Many fans are speculating the figure across from Malia is Allison, and we just have one question: WHY, MTV? WHY??

teen wolf fresco allison

Throughout the image you can also see closeups of Jordan Parrish, Chris Argent, and potentially several other minor characters.

teen wolf fresco chris argent

teen wolf fresco parrish

…all the villains we love to hate?

We also get a glimpse at quite a few villains from the past. Near the top we see the nogitsune, thriving amongst the sea of the departed.

teen wolf fresco nogitsune

Also prominently displayed near the top is the Darach’s head on a stick.

teen wolf fresco darach

The Dread Doctors, who are still a current problem in Beacon Hills, peek out from behind the destruction.

teen wolf fresco dread doctors

Fans are also speculating that perhaps this could be a fourth Dread Doctor. Notice how he seems to have a third eye. Did the Doctors take Valack’s eye to create a new member of their group?

teen wolf fresco dread doctor 4

The Sluagh also seems to be making an appearance.

teen wolf fresco sluagh

And the oni can’t be left out, of course.

teen wolf fresco oni

Plus let’s not forget Belasko, the wolf with the glowing claws.

teen wolf fresco belasko

…these interesting details?

The Teen Wolf fandom attaches itself to the strangest of things, but we’re not sorry. The promo image also features Roscoe the Jeep and Stiles’ bat — both of which aren’t looking too great.

teen wolf fresco roscoe the jeep

teen wolf fresco bat

We also see a human heart sitting near Lydia.

teen wolf fresco heart

There’s wolfsbane near the bottom, and a pair of dog tags with Jordan Parrish’s name on them.

teen wolf fresco wolfsbane dog tags

Plus Stiles’ name, which doesn’t seem ominous at all.

teen wolf fresco stiles name

And this mysterious symbol that has the whole fandom talking. A seven point star, called a septagram, represents the number seven and is a pagan symbol. It has been used both in Wiccan and Christian symbology with various meanings depending on its origins.

teen wolf fresco seven point star

And don’t forget the scroll held in someone’s hand that supposedly reads, “damnatio memoriae,” a Latin phrase meaning “condemnation of memory.” This was a title bestowed to traitors.

teen wolf fresco scroll

What else did you see?

This painting is an incredibly detailed look into both the next half of Teen Wolf Season 5, as well as past seasons and characters. It’s going to take a while to decode it all, so let us know if you spotted anything new!

Teen Wolf season 5B premieres on Tuesday, January 5 at 9:00 p.m. on MTV.

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