2:00 pm EDT, December 30, 2015

The Beast attacks in new ‘Teen Wolf’ season 5B clip

Teen Wolf season 5B premieres next week, and we have another look at the Beast of Gévaudan. Hayden and Liam are in some serious trouble.

Tueday night saw simultaneous screenings of Teen Wolf at theatres in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. The Redeyes Marathon, as they were calling it, ran through season 5A and ended with a clip from the upcoming second half of the season. Fans were also surprised by celebrity guests and some sweet swag.

You can watch the clip below:

In it, we see Deputy Clarke (Benita Robledo) driving her sister, Hayden Romero (Victoria Moroles), to work when she gets a call over the police radio. There seems to be an issue at the Telecom communication towers, and though a technician was sent over, he hasn’t been heard from since. Clarke is in the area, so she decides to check it out.

This is definitely not a scene from the premiere, and considering Clarke says Hayden had been missing for three days, it’s probably from a couple episodes down the line. “For all I know you, you could’ve been dead,” she tells Hayden. Oh, if only she knew the whole story.

When Clarke gets there, she finds the technician dying, and with his last breath he says “it” is still there. That “it” is none other than the Beast. Run, Clarke!

Oddly, the Beast leaves Clarke alone and goes after Hayden and Liam (Dylan Sprayberry), who finally tracked her down after she had been ignoring his texts. Is the Beast only going after chimeras? Does it obey the Dread Doctors’ will? That’s the only reason we can think of if it left the deputy alone and went straight after the two kids.

One thing is for sure: Deputy Clarke definitely knows something big and scary is wandering around Beacon Hills now. Considering what her sister went through in season 5A, is it possible Clarke could be let in on the secret?

Liam and Hayden run from the Beast, and in a shot reminiscent of Scott chasing Malia in coyote form, they jump over a canyon and to the other side. Well, Liam barely makes it to the other side.

It doesn’t matter, though, as the Beast lands in front of them. They seemed doomed until Liam has the brilliant idea to pull Hayden over the edge and into the gorge. That landing will not be a soft one.

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