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‘Teen Wolf’ season 4: Meet the new faces in Beacon Hills

There are so many new faces in Beacon Hills this season on Teen Wolf, so we thought it would be helpful to have an introductory guide on who’s who.

From new pack members and high school classmates to a hot new hospital administrator (and even a creepy man who seems to be missing a pretty significant part of his face), the lineup of new characters on Teen Wolf seems to run the gamut this season.

While we probably won’t be seeing the majority of these characters in the first episode (or first few episodes), there’s no time like the present to get to know the new kids (and adults and potential monsters) on the block!

Dylan Sprayberry as Liam

Dylan Sprayberry Liam

What we know: No single new Teen Wolf character has created as much buzz and chatter as Liam, a handsome and cocky, yet big-hearted, new transfer student to Beacon Hills High School. He’s not just a transfer student, though. He’s a freshman transfer student, which means that he only lasted a semester at his previous high school. That could have something to do with the fact that his character is said to stir up trouble at school and on the lacrosse field (did we mention that he’s a pretty talented lacrosse player?). But we also know that he’s going to become Scott’s first-ever beta and a kind of little brother to Scott and Stiles, which is pretty awesome.

What we think: We have a feeling that we’re really going to like Liam. His character sounds like he’s well-rounded, yet mysterious, which will make for some interesting interactions and storylines. One prediction that we do have for Liam is that he’s going to have something troubling or dark in his past that’s going to follow him and make life difficult for him in Beacon Hills. After all, Liam is transferring to Beacon Hills as a freshman. We definitely think it’s a bit fishy that he was at his previous high school for a very limited time and that Teen Wolf is making a sort of big deal about his former teammate Brett (who still attends his previous school). Something interesting has to have gone down there and we’re dying to know what it is!

Khylin Rhambo as Mason

Khylin Rhambo Mason

What we know: Mason is being described as “an out-and-proud athlete” who has a fun personality. He’s also reported to be freshman newbie Garrett’s best friend, making the two of them a sort of “Danny and Jackson 2.0”-like pairing on first glance. However, in a Buzzfeed interview, Jeff Davis clarifies that “He’s a little cocky kid, but he’s not really Jackson. That got generalized in the breakdown.” According to TVLine, Mason will be much more involved with the supernatural elements of the show than Danny has been in the past. (That’s not to say that Danny won’t be more involved this season now that we know that Danny knows.)

What we think: Given his character description, we’re thinking that Mason is going to be a stand-up guy and not a threat to Scott and his pack. Or, at least we hope as much. There have been whispers about Mason being a potential new love interest for Danny this season, which we think would make total sense. Just from the way that Mason has been described in reports, we think he’d get along very well with Danny, even if the two weren’t romantically involved. As far as Mason being involved with the supernatural aspects of Beacon Hills, we’re all for it. Since he’s best friends with Garrett, we can see the both of them being taken into the fold of Scott’s pack in some way or another. Now, we’re just curious as to what their talents (supernatural or human) will be.

Mason Dye as Garrett

Mason Dye Garrett

What we know: Yes, there is a new actor named Mason and a new character named Mason but actor-Mason is not playing character-Mason. Because that won’t get confusing at all, Teen Wolf. But, we digress… Garrett is a new (presumably freshman?) student at Beacon Hills high school. While there hasn’t been much information reported about the character’s personality, we do know that he’s joining the lacrosse team with his best friend Mason. That’s it. That’s all that we know. It’s a bit of a letdown, we have to say.

What we think: Well, considering that we don’t have any information about Garrett’s personality, we don’t know if he’s going to be more of a protagonist or antagonist. However, since we’ve been hypothesizing that Mason is going to turn out to be a good guy, we can only hope that his friend will do the same.

Cody Saintgnue as Brett

Cody Saintgnue Brett

What we know: Honestly, not much. The character of Brett was just announced last Monday. All that we know at this point is that Brett is a (pretty good-looking) lacrosse player who attends and plays for Liam’s previous (and now rival) high school.

What we think: High school sport rivals can only mean one thing: DRAMA. We expect there to be quite a few stink eyes and violent lacrosse checks to happen this season. Not only that, but Liam is a brand new character that’s described as a transfer student. Not to make broad generalizations here, but transfer students (at least on TV shows and in movies) come with their fair share of baggage and secrets. It’s pretty much a trope at this point. So, we’re thinking that there may be some secrets to uncover as to why Liam transferred schools and Brett is just the character to do it.

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